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Employee of the Khashuri municipality assembly speaks about political persecution

Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

Former employee of the Khashuri municipality assembly’s office Ia Kurdadze blames the Khashuri municipality mayor and chairperson of the assembly in her political persecution. Kurdadze said, her labor agreement was not extended because she was head of the election headquarter of the independent mayoral candidate Ramaz Nozadze during the municipal elections.“I was fired based on political grounds. Khashuri municipality mayor Giorgi Guraspashvili did not forgive me being against his candidature during the municipal elections for the second time already and when Georgian Dream again nominated him, I remained in the political party but headed the election headquarter of the independent mayoral candidate Ramaz Nozadze. The second round was between Guraspashvili and Nozadze; after the victory in the second round, Guraspashvili started firing those people, who did not support him. The chairperson of the municipal assembly Mikheil Janashvili executed his orders and fired me,” the former employee of the office Ia Kurdadze said.“Currently, labor contracts were ceased with three persons. Some had their contracts expired and others were dismissed because of hiring new people in the commissions,’ Mikheil Janashvili said.The former employee of the assembly office Ia Kurdadze sees the signs of gang governance in the Khashuri self-government and states that the assembly chairperson is executing the illegal orders of the mayor instead controlling his activities. 

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