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Photo exhibition at Human Rights House Tbilisi
On December 10, on the World Day of Human Rights, photo-exhibition Women for Human Rights was organized in the conference hall of the Human Rights House Tbilisi. Photos from the 2014 photo-competition for women human rights defenders were exhibited in the HRHT.
NGOs Speak about Violence against Women by Police Officers
On November 26, Georgian Harm Reduction Network and nongovernmental organization New Way organized round table in Kutaisi about the violence against women with HIV/AIDs and drug-addict women.
Violence against Women Protested in Gori
Marina Tabukashvili, founder of the foundation Taso, which works on the women’s rights, arrived in Gori to protest violence against women; during the demonstration she observed the reaction of passers-by and saw that nobody joined the demonstration from the street – they just continued their way.
Investigation into rape case dragged out
Nata is 24 years old. She spent summer holidays on the seaside in Kobuleti together with her friend. They met 28 years old G.M on the sea. Nata said when walking on the beach her dress got wet and she returned to the hotel alone to change cloths. (The girls lived in a hostel)  G.M. chased her to the hostel and broke into her room; he tried to rape her. 
Domestic violence increased in Georgia
According to official data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia [MIA], 77 incidents of physical and 122 incidents of psychological violence in families were observed from January to June 2014 in Georgia. About 30 women were killed as a result of domestic violence the last year.
Insulin-Addicted Women Spends Nights in the Street
57-year-old Neli Lekiashvili does not get up in her house in the morning. She does not have a house at all and spends nights in the street. Ms. Neli is a disabled person; she has Diabetes and injects insulin three times per day. She has gone through several heart-attacks and strokes. 
Early Marriages, Family Violence and Other Human Rights Violations in Public Defender’s Report
Georgian Public Defender’s 2013 Parliamentary Report on general human rights situation in Georgia reviews civil-political, economic, social and cultural rights in the country.
Report on the protection of human rights and freedoms in Georgia of the Public Defender of Georgia for 2013
This document is the Report of the Public Defender of Georgia for 2013 on the protection of human rights and freedoms in Georgia covering wide spectrum of civic, political, economic, social and cultural rights. Furthermore, it highlights positive and negative trends in human rights area for the reporting period, brings together key recommendations developed by the Public Defender towards various branches of government,  the timeliness and degree of fulfilment of which to a great extent will define the establishment of high standards in human rights protection in Georgia.
Are there political prisoners in Georgia currently?
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Gorashvili vs Natchkebia
Lector of the Law Faculty of the Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University Giorgi Gorashvili sued the student of the same faculty Buba Natchkebia
City full of death
Vanished people – “Never forget me”


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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