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Shida Kartli Prosecutor’s Office Protects former Governor
Guram Mikhanashvili, a resident of the village of Ateni in Gori district, had to leave his native village along with his family because of problems that his brother, Robinzon Mikhanashvili, had experienced.  The family has been trying to return their property from Robinzon Mikhanashvili already now for two years. Shida Kartli regional Prosecutor’s Office considers that Robinzon Mikhanashvili had not committed anything wrong. However, in the past he was governor of the village of Ateni. According to the investigation materials, the former governor cut down the vineyard of his brother, dismantled iron construction of the wine-terrace in his brother’s yard, as well as dismantling the wine-press… the construction materials of the wine-press then disappeared.

Case on Inhuman Treatment is Prepared for the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg
Ioseb Guloshili, Deputy Prosecuter of Sighnaghi District has closed the criminal case on inhuman treatment against Gela Kutibashvili . Guloshvili’s decree indicates that Otar Dighmelashvili, deputy head of Sighnaghi Police did not assault Gela Kutibashvili despite evidence proving otherwise. Guloshvili asserts that Kutibashvili was injured when he was resisting the police officers. However, the victim Kutibashvili denies this allegation. He said that the deputy head of the Sighnaghi police department smashed his face against the car and he received injuries so serious that he is now considered as being physically disabled.

IDP Prisoners have no Access to Meager Social Assistance
Approximately 4 months ago prisoner IDPs at Kutaisi Prison # 2 were asked a question regarding the state social assistance which is only 14- GEL. This is the amount of money all registered IDPs, prisoners and non-inmates are to receive every month. After this question was raised, the prisoners still have not received any social assistance whatsoever.

Unbearable Conditions in Prison Results in TB Death
Inmate Ilia Tarashvili died for want of proper medical treatment in jail from the long-term complication of tuberculosis. Although family members and attorneys of Ilia Tarashvili requested to postpone the discussion of his criminal because of his acute health conditions, the court did not consider their request. Instead, they proceed and imposed a sentence of 8 years and seven months in prison on him.

“I want so”- Modus operandi of Prosecutor’s Office
“The law enforcement system is based on the principle “I think so,” “I want so, the manner of working, the M.O. or simply method of doing things. The prosecutor’s office does not want to surrender. This is the common tendency throughout the country,” said attorney Raul Gamisonia. He said the reason for similar statements is the case where he represents the side of the defense. The prosecutor’s office has the testimony of the victim for use against Nika Kanteladze, his client. The testimony raises question marks and creates many doubts. Aside from other claims and evidence, case material demonstrates the innocence of the defendant.

Ukrainian Citizen Accuses Georgian Policemen of Torture
Orest Bokhonko from Kiev blames officers from main department of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti regional police for torture and inhuman treatment. Georgian law enforcers detained Ukrainian citizen in Tbilisi international airport on August 27. He is suspected of having purchase and transported internationally a particularly large amount of narcotics. Police officers from regional department claim they withdrew the drug “Metadon” from the rectum of Bokhonko. Ukrainian citizen categorically denies the accusations. His attorney, Shorena Kalandia speaks about those violations that occurred during the detention.

Single Mother Blames Georgian Soldier for Attempted Rape
A criminal investigation is under way on the attempted rape of the single mother with two children who lives in Akhaltsikhe. The alleged abuser and attempted rapists is claimed to be a Georgian soldier. On September 23 a young woman of 28 appealed to the Akhaltsikhe district department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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