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Akhmed Chataev Innocent – MIA Compelled Witnesses to Sign Fake Testimonies
Human Rights Center appealed to chief prosecutor’s office of Georgia with regard to Akhmed Chataev’s case. The human rights organization requested the investigation of fake testimonies made by frontier officers against Chataev a month ago.

Human Rights Center’s Lawyer to Defend Akhmed Chataev at Trial
Akhmed Chataev, arrested during the special operation in Lopota Gorge, is in pretrial detention without any factual evidence. Human Rights Center Demands Freedom of Akhmed Chataev. On October 23, the head of HRC’s legal aid center Nino Andriashvili visited Chataev in detention.
According to Experts' Conclusion 10-month-old Child Was Alive When Dropped in Wine-Pot
Lawyers of the Coalition Georgian Dream spoke about the conclusion of forensic experts on the murder of 10-month-old Barbare Rapalyan. According to the conclusion, the 10-month-old girl was dropped in the wine-pot, “qvevri”, alive and the cause of her death was asphyxia: liquid was found in her respiratory system.
Human Rights Center Demands Freedom of Akhmed Chataev
The nongovernmental organization Human Rights Center demands the freedom of Akhmed Chataev, detained as a result of a special operation in Lopota Gorge. According to human rights organizations, the ethnic Chechen, who has received refugee status in Austria, has been arbitrarily detained in Georgia.

Witnesses Allege Sergeant Booted and Then Threatened Soldier
Soldiers were interrogated as witnesses in the case of 19-year-old Koba Makharashvili at Gori District Court. Soldiers alleged that sergeant Tengiz Gelashvili, whom prosecutor’s office blames in the torture of soldiers, had booted Koba Makharashvili for having secretly called from cell phone and then threatened him with compelling him to walk dressed only in pants in front of the unit that evening ; ten minutes later Makharashvili died.
Phone Communication between Prisoners and Human Rights Center’s Lawyer Restored
Since late 2011 prisoners could not contact lawyer of Human Rights Center Nino Andriashvili on her phone number; so she had to change it.
Justice to Be Implemented
Megis Kardava and Aleksandre Mukhadze. Megis Kardava was known as right-hand of Bacho Akhalaia, former Minister of Interior. The ex-minister always tried to have Kardava close to him. In 2006, when Akhalaia was head of penitentiary department, Kardava was director of Tbilisi Prison # 7.

Giorgi Kavlashvili: Murtaz Zodelava Participated in the Purchase of Burji
Director of the Ltd Gama Giorgi Kavlashvili spoke about details of the purchase of Company Burji and stated that procedures were implemented by instructions of the chief prosecutor of Georgia Murtaz Zodelava.

Georgian Dream Requests Re-Counting of Votes in Every PS in Martvili District
Georgian Dream states that results of the parliamentary elections in Martvili district must be recounted and results in some polling stations must be annulled. Activists claim Coalition and their majoritarian candidate Murtaz Khurtsilava lost elections in the district because of faked results.

Human Rights Center Requests Honorable Release of Political Prisoners
Human Rights Center was one of those first organizations, which started speaking about politically motivated persecution of people in Georgia. In 2009, the Center, together with the International Federation for Human Rights FIDH, published special report about political prisoners in Georgia. Many local and international organizations spoke about this problem.

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