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Why was Shida Kartli’s Regional Prosecutor Promoted?
Davit Sakvarelidze was promoted to the position of deputy of Mamuka Gvaramia, Chief Prosecutor of Georgia. Previously he held the position of regional prosecutor for the Shida Kartli and Mtskheta-Mtianeti areas for two years. His sorted activities in Gori were associated with many scandals in the backdrop of recriminations.

Lockdown on “Deal” for Escaped Prisoners during Russian-Georgian War
The prisoners that escaped from prison during August war are now hunger striking in Kutaisi Prison #2. They demand that the investigation on their escape be fairly investigated. The prisoners have been hunger striking for 10 days already. However, after having met with the head of Public Control Group of Kutaisi Prison, # 2 they temporarily stopped their protest but out of their frustration they again renewed their protest because their demands were not being fulfilled.

HRIDC Demand Results in “Edge-of ’Death” Prisoner Released
“Who Brought a Prisoner to Death Door?”

On November 13, 2008 the Tbilisi City Court released Mikheil Shatakishvili, a convict from prison because health condition had deteriorated so severely. The prisoner was sentenced to 6 years of prison term and a fine of 3 000 GEL by the Tbilisi City Court on July 2, 2007. The convict’s health condition has become worst since then. Eka Khutsishvili, the lawyer of the Human Rights Center (HRIDC) Shida Karti Office was Shatakishvili’s attorney. Due to Shatakishvili’s poor health his attorney filed a motion to the court with the request to release the convict before his actual term was over. The court upheld the attorney’s motion under the dire circumstances.

Is Blanket Amnesty for Prisoners, “Political Action” – OR NOT?
The Amnesty Law, initiated by the Georgian President, will supposedly cover 12 thousand prisoners. According to official structures, an addition segment the prison population will have the length of their terms substantially reduced. As for now, however, over 2 thousand prisoners will be released from prisons by the 23rd of November. This figure is impressive, especially in relative terms for the size of Georgia as much so as the total number of inmates warehoused in Georgian penitentiary establishments is at an unprecedented level of 20,500. Many of these convicts are serving terms for what would otherwise be considered as petty crimes. The parliament voted on draft-law at the first session when it came up for a vote. The amnesty was passed, which included a total of 55 articles. However, it is possible that some additional articles might also be added in the not-so-distant future.

Instead of Amnesty, Prisoner Rewarded with Extended Sentence
Several days ago, mentally disabled Vazir Khudoian, was slated to be pardoned as part of the wide scale Amnesty on November 23, 2008. However, Khoni district investigation bureau increased his sentence. Khudoiani is placed in Kutaisi Penitentiary Establishment #2. His attorney and relatives are now requesting that the investigation be reopened.

Georgian Attorneys Assess Judicial Reform
Beginning in 2009, Georgian judges will be appointed for life. They will leave their posts only in case of disciplinary mistake, resignation due to age or personal appeal. The attorneys express their discontent with this recent decision.

Konstantine Kublashvili, head of Supreme Court of Georgia made a statement on the upcoming court reform. He highlighted the most important reform as being the decision to appoint judges for life. “Guarantee of immunity, stability and continuity of judges” – this is how Konstantine Kublashvili described the amendment.

Monitoring Group Demands Investigation of Kutaisi Prison Break
On August 11 2008, when Russian aircraft were bombing the Khoni military battalion, 153 prisoners managed to escape from the Khoni Penitentiary Establishment # 8. However, shortly 90 out of the total number were quickly caught but the rest are still fugitives.  Some of the prisoners who were placed in Kutaisi Penitentiary Establishment # 2 after their capture went on hunger strike for the next four days. The protest started following a visit by the chairperson of the Public Monitoring Group to the prison.

Family of Murdered Soldier Is Threatened
The family of Roin Shavadze, soldier who was first tortured and then murdered has been offered money in exchange for keeping quiet about the case.  Otherwise it is claimed that either drugs or weapon will planted on family members, or they will become the victims of some accident. Tsitsino Shavadze, wife of the murdered soldier, and her brother have already shared information about the brutal threats with the prosecutor’s office of the Adjara Autonomous Republic. Yesterday, Sozar Subari, Georgian Public Defender, visited the family.
Domestic Violence and Family with Nine Children Homeless
 Lela Nikolishvili, mother of nine children and resident of the village of Tezi in Kaspi district, is being evicted from her house. Inspectors of Igoeti police department have already made an official decision in her cases. Lela Nikolishvili applied to the Human Rights Center’s Shida Kartli office for help. Reportedly, based on the suit of Zhuzhuna Javakhishvili, the mother-in-law of Nikolishvili, Igoeti police has to evict the woman and her husband Nikoloz Javakhishvili together with their nine children.

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