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Verdicts Are Not Passed on Time at the Gori District Court
None of the judges from the Gori District Court hurries to pass verdicts. The verdict must be handed in to the parties within fourteen days; however, they are not even printed within that time.
In Kakheti, Local Government Cooperates with Criminal Authorities
“Criminal authorities, who have influence on districts, will be imprisoned nevertheless they commit crime or cooperate with organized criminal groups,” said the president and soon after this statement law enforcers detained many criminal authorities in many districts and Kakheti was among them. On the one hand it seems the government fights against the criminals; however according to the reliable sources, not only businessmen but representatives of the local authority also pay money for Obshchiak, collected money for criminal purposes. Moreover, the high ranking officials try to threaten journalists in the name of criminal authorities.
Kakheti Awaits Boisterous Detention Series
Investigative Department of Revenues within the Georgian Ministry of Finances raids the district Administrative Boards in Kakheti region. According to the Kakheti Office of the Investigative Department, they are carrying out preliminary investigation on criminal case on appropriating the state budget. High ranking officials of the Gurjaani District Municipality and Administration are suspected for the crime. The Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the prevarications.
Gori Patrol Policemen Violate Georgian Constitution
In Gori, patrol policemen’s “exceeded” effort has bothered people. People, driving cars unknown to patrol policemen, are detained by law enforcers though they do not breach traffic rules. There are permanent queues in front of the Regional Department of the Patrol Police where people wait to be tested on drug addiction.
Eighty-year-old Old Man Is Judged for Contradicting the Testimony
Judge accused Shakhzad Vanadze, a resident of the village of Gelauri in Khulo District, for contradicting the testimony as a witness. Vanadze said that he could not make a testimony because he had not witnessed the crime and had no information about it. According to the accusation, Vanadze shall be sentenced to four-year-imprisonment.
Court Hearings without Audio-Video Recording
Journalists from the Samegrelo Region oppose the initiative of the Legal Committee of the Georgian Parliament. The draft law is about prohibition of audio recording of the court hearings. The journalists say that the prohibition will prevent them to carry out their journalistic activities and to introduce the society with complete information.
Attorneys Complain About Influenced Court
In developed countries Judicial System is considered to be independent; however we cannot claim the same about Georgian courts. In our country either Prosecutor’s Office, or Regional Gubernator or high-ranking officials control the judicial system. Influenced court creates particularly numerous problems for citizens. Justice is almost impossible to prevail over through the court discussions.
Georgia: Lowering the Age of Criminal Responsibility Flouts International Standards
(New York, June 11, 2007) – On May 23, 2007, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili signed into law a set of amendments to three laws, lowering from 14 to 12 the minimum age of criminal responsibility for children for certain crimes. The amendments affected the criminal code, the code of criminal procedure, and the law on imprisonment, and enter into force July 1, 2008.
25-day Imprisonment for Protecting Political Prisoners and Freedom of Expression
Three members of “Egalitarian Institute” - Davit Dalakishvili, Jaba Jishkariani and Levan Gogichaishvili are arrested. They have been sentenced to 25-day imprisonment by Tbilisi City Court. The reason of the arrest is the violation of public order and blocking the entrance of the General Prosecution Office. Human rights defenders evaluate this fact as the campaign against the freedom of Expression.
Property Destroyed for the Owners
Unfortunately, violation of private property becomes a habit in Georgia. At present, the owners of the underground located on the Freedom Square face the danger. The owners of the market located on the mentioned place, have to free the territory till Monday, otherwise the market will be destroyed.
The Rights of Children’s Rights’ Defenders has been violated
In April, after the reorganization in Kutaisi self-governance, 300 employees lost their jobs. Among them are 12 employees of children’s rights’ defender’s department.
81 Year-old Man is Judged for Police Scrap-iron Business
Gurjaani district court is discussing the case of Giorgi Mchedlishvili, the inhabitant of Dedoplistskaro district. The prosecution blames 81 year-old man in stealing the five-tone iron tank. But the blamed person is accusing the former officials of local police in illegal scrap-iron business. According to him the investigator misled him to sign the confession testimony. “I am a veteran of the war. I have lived the whole life frankly and I do not want to die under the name of thief” – says 81 year-old man facing 6 years of imprisonment. He is asking the human rights organizations for help.
Vengeance on Political Grounds
“The police officer locked the door, made a circle around me and beat me and kicked me like a fascist,” said Samvel Saponjian, a resident of the Akhalkalaki District. He claims that it was political vengeance and demands that the police officer be punished for the accident, which happened three years ago.
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