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Pros and Cons of Draft Legislation on Jury System
“Generally the draft law of the Georgian Criminal Procedural Code deserves to be viewed in positive light. It is an attempt to finally establish a fair and actual  judiciary system in Georgia,” stated Georgian lawyers about the new draft law dealing with the Georgian Criminal Procedural Code.

Zugdidi Police Brutally Beats and Frames Suspect on Weapon Charge
On June 20 at 4:00 AM in the village of Kakhati police officers from Zugdidi department arrested Ruslan Pertaia in the family of one of his friends. Zugdidi district police department then blamed him of having resisted law enforcers in addition to the illegal procession, purchase and carrying of a banned firearm.  The Attorney of the accused police officers beat Pertaia during the detention and when he was locked up in the pre-trial detention isolator cell.
Prisoners Die from Pneumonia and TB in Georgian Prisons
Rights of prisoners are still violated in Georgia and dying in the 21st Century needlessly. The law against torture, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment does not protect them. Inmates still die of pneumonia in Georgian penitentiary establishments in Georgia, among other diseases, such a TB.  There are no qualified experts who could write an accurate medical conclusion as to the actual cause of death. The Human Rights Center interviewed Levan Labauri, a medical expert regarding the current situation in Georgian correctional institutions.

Public Registry Demands Fee for the Provided Public Information
Registration Service Department of the National Agency for Public Registry within the Georgian Ministry of Justice estimated a fee for the provided public information. The fee is envisaged by the Law of Georgia on Registration Fee for Service Rendered byThe National Agency of Public Registr.”

Tortured and Beaten Prisoner Request Doctor
Several facts can demonstrate that law enforcers make full use of their fists and muscles when they arrest a suspect. Very often they find drugs and ammunition while searching detainees. The criminal process is a done-deal from the onset, the verdict has already passed. The unfortunate detainee is then sent to prison for 15-20 years for some of the more serious crimes.

Double Standard and Lack of Equal Protection of Law with Plea-Bargain Deals
In 2004 plea-bargain was introduced into the Georgian legislation and it creates unequal conditions for citizens. Judges and prosecutors can sign or cancel plea-bargain according to their own sympathies or other motivations.
Two examples from the criminal case records in Georgia confirm the above-mentioned possibility. In August of 2007 an under-age girl was raped. Sighnaghi District Court imposed sixteen-year-imprisonment on Nukri Nikvashvili, Zurab Zedelashvili and Zviad Kokoashvili, who were suspected of having committed the rape. 

Inmates Contract Tuberculosis in Temporary Isolator Detention Cells
The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs facing a public health crisis as  inmates are faced with  living in the most  unbearable of conditions when they are locked up  isolator cells  for temporary detention. The worst situation is at the regional level where isolators are not maintained and sanitary and health conditions are horrendous. Georgia boosts international standards in many spheres but not in terms of such cells, There is a lack of toilets, water is leaking into the cells, window-glasses are broken, or there are no windows in the cells at all.

Prosecutor’s Office protects high-ranking police official who wounds man
“Otar Dioghmelashvili, the deputy head of the police department, hit my face against the car with and I broke out four teeth.  Several other teeth cut into in my lips. My face is swollen and my jaw is now broken. When I was brought to the Judge Tamaz Jaliashvili I was bleeding and nobody inquired what had happened with me. The judge believed the false testimonies of the police who claimed that I was injured as a result of falling down and sent me to prison for seven days for resisting arrest,” said Gela Kutibashvili.

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