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No Impunity for Crimes Committed in Georgia
On June 22-24 delegation of the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court conducted a visit in Georgia. The main purpose of the visit was to gather additional information from the Georgian authorities on the on-going national investigation into crimes allegedly committed in the context of the August 2008 armed conflict in South Ossetia, Georgia.
Georgia VS International Obligations?
According to the draft-amendments to the general administrative code, the state will have right to keep the information about the cases discussed at international courts and courts of foreign states in secret. The prohibition will work for the European Court of Human Rights and Hague Tribunal. Political party of Irakli Alasania “Our Georgia – Free Democrats” speaks about violation of the European Convection on Human Rights. What are the arguments of the project authors?
Presa.ge Requests Information about Giorgi Barateli from the Supreme Court
The presa.ge filed cassation suit on June 29 and now they will wait for the decision of the Supreme Court – to leave the verdict of the Appeal Court of May 11 in force or to abolish the verdict and order the penitentiary department to release information where Giorgi Barateli serves his term for the murder of Academician Guram Sharadze. Barateli is sentenced to 27-year-imprisonment.

A Man Gone for Bread Returned Home Three Years Later
Member of the Ossetian Association in Georgia Giorgi Khetaguri disappeared for three years. He was detained on October 29, 2006 but the law enforcement bodies did not inform anybody about it. The society received complete information only after Giorgi Khetaguri served the complete sentence. Khetaguri, convicted for the purchase and usage of narcotics, said that he was sent to prison on political grounds. The law enforcement officers wanted to compel him to be their informer on the Ossetian side.
Attorney Requests to Place Vakhtang Maisaia In Isolated Cell
Attorney of Vakhtang Maisaia – military expert accused in espionage – Natia Korkotadze reported to the journalists at the press-conference on June 18 that her client has still been under physical and moral oppression. On June 6, Vakhtang Maisaia was beaten by his cell-mate Paladi Birkaia after what the military expert was blamed in the incident and he was placed in the punishment cell for ten days. Prison administration put Paladi Birkaia in the punishment cell only for three days.
The Human Rights Center Will Appeal to Strasbourg for Breached Property Rights
On June 15, the Human Rights Center gave a conference about one more fact of the breached private property. The case was about the owner of the “Farmakon 11” Nodar Begiashvili who was fined with 301472, 95 GEL.

More Appeals Sent to Strasbourg from Georgia
More and more appeals are sent to the European Court of Human Rights from Georgia year by year. Particularly a large number of appeals were sent in 2008-2009. The Human Rights Center assists people to protect their rights at the European Court of Human Rights for free.
“Nobody Has Right to Treat Us Like Slaves,” Workers Arrested Because of Strike
Protest demonstration of the workers of Kutaisi Metallurgic Factory ended with the detention of 7 people last week. The strikers protested against the poor conditions in the enterprise and against salary arrears; they refused to enter the factory and to continue working.
Attorneys Cannot Meet Their Clients in New Prison
We wrote about the opening ceremony of the new prison # 1 in Rustavi several days ago. According to the plan, the prison was to be opened in 7 months, but the ceremony took place on June 1 under PR-Ceremony of the National Movement and by participation of the president Saakashvili.
“Nationalist” Judges in Protection of Fraud
Tbilisi Appeal Court decided on the arguments about the results of the polling station in Variani village, Gori district in favor of the election administration. More precisely, they did not change the judgment of the judge of the Gori district court and former district prosecutor Nikoloz Marsagishvili. The court was discussing the suit of the observer of the Human Rights Center. In fact, within the limited 4 days, the court demanded the observer to preserve all procedures which are necessary for huge cases prolonged for many years. Instead, they did not envisage the violations which were observed during the counting of votes at the PS.
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