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Police Beat Several Young People and Left One of Them In The Street
Some Young Demonstrators Were Ruthlessly Beaten

The Human Rights Center obtained exclusive video-materials which shows how law enforcement officers beat Giorgi Bekauri, an activist from the youth movement “Why”.
Incident Near the Main Tbilisi Police Department
Policemen dispersed the young people gathered in front of the Main Tbilisi Police Department. Tens of young activists of the youth movement were wounded; many more demonstrators were severely beaten; and media representatives also were injured.

An Officer from the Constitutional Security Department of the MIA Beat A Man
Nika Pachkoria, a participant in the ongoing rally in Zugdidi witnessed how a young man was beaten by officers from the CSD within the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Pachkoria managed to record the incident secretly by video camera and sent the recording to Presa.ge

Present for the Hospitability of the President
In 2005 Levan Akhalauri was head of agriculture department in Telavi District; and he caused damage of 305 000 GEL to the state budget. Despite that Akhalauri was promoted in position. In 2006 he was appointed as an assistant to Telavi district governor; since February 2007 he is chairperson of Telavi Municipality Board. Investigation against him started under charge of abusing professional power however Kakheti regional prosecutor’s office dropped the process because of “lack of evidence of the crime.”

Former colonel, a legal owner of four arms was detained for carrying arms illegally; he is in pretrial detention.
Tbilisi City Court sentenced accused Zaza Bregvadze, the former high-ranking officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and police colonel, to two-month pretrial imprisonment. According to the evidence collected during the preliminary investigation the Civil Court charged the accused Zaza Bregvadze for illegal purchase, storage and usage of arms so called Valteri and 5 military cartridges as well.

Masked Men Assaulted Demonstrators
Officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained several suspects for involvement in the incident which had taken place in Purtseladze Street. According to Nana Kakabadze, Ramaz Jashiashvili, Luka Gvaramadze, Davit Kenchadze, Levan Loluashvili and Dato Kapanadze were detained after they had been discharged from the hospital. According to her, 6 other people also were detained. The Ministry of Internal Affairs did not confirm this information.

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