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First Action to Support the Detained Photo Correspondents
The media outlets reacted upon the arrest of photo reporters Zurab Kurtsikidze, Gia Abdaladze, Shakh Aivazov and Natia and Irakli Gedenidzes on the same day and held a support action on July 7th at 13:00 pm in front of the Constitutional Department building. The action was joined by the Human Rights Center and Tbilisi Human Rights House with the request of immediate release of the detainees.

Journalists Petitioned to US Embassy to Wow Release of Photo-Reporters
On July 11, journalists delivered a petition initiated by the Alia Holding at the US Embassy; they request release of photo-reporters Giorgi Abdaladze and Zurab Kurtsikidze under vouch. About 100 journalists signed the petition.

More Torture Facts Observed in Georgian Custodies
“I want to declare in advance – I am a religious person and I am not going to commit suicide. If I am found dead in the custody, be sure I am killed,” the letter of a prisoner started with the sentence; he was one of the victims of torture and inhuman treatment in Georgian penitentiary settings.

The Human Rights Center Calls Upon the Government of Georgia to Immediately Release Detained Photo-Reporters
Last night, at 3:00 am, people in civil clothes simultaneously detained famous photo-reporters in their houses; they are: photo-reporter of the European Press-Photo Agency Zurab Kurtsikidze, photo-reporter of the Associated Press Shah Aivazov, personal photographer of the president of Georgia Irakli Gedenidze, his wife - photo-reporter of the Georgian newspaper “Prime-Time” Natia Gedenidze, and photo-reporter of the Foreign Ministry of Georgia Giorgi Abdaladze.

Detained Photo-Reporters Do Not Plead Guilty
Early in the morning of July 7, from 3:00 am to 5:00 am famous Georgian photo-reporters were detained simultaneously in their houses: photo-reporter of the Associated Press Shah Aivazov, photo-reporter of the European Press-Photo Agency (EPA) in Georgia Zurab Kurtsikidze, personal photo-reporter of the President of Georgia Irakli Gedenidze, his wife Natia Gedenidze and photo-reporter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Giorgi Abdaladze.

Lasha Chkhartishvili: „They Detained Me Because of Thinking“
Lasha Chkhartishvili from the Conservative Party was detained before the premiere of the Hollywood Movie „Five Days of August“on June 5. The members of the Conservative Party and other activists wanted to protest the pompous presentation of the film about the tragedy in August of 2008 and gathered in front of the parliament of Georgia. Police officers and armed people in civil cloths dismissed the demonstrators.

“I did not curse the president, I had unpleasant conversation with patrol police officers,” said Film-Director Irakli Gogouadze
According to the information provided by radio-listeners to the Studio “Obiektivi”, film-director Irakli Goguadze was arrested for having insulted the government.

Murman Dumbadze: “They Were Kicking, Whipping Me and Beating With Clubs… They Stepped on My Finger-Nail with Heels…”
Murman Dumbadze returned to Adjara after 30-day administrative imprisonment. On May 26, the politician was detained and beaten in Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi and he is still taking medical treatment for his injuries. He said despite repressions he is not going to stop his political activities and keep blind eye on illegal facts.

Soso Jachvliani Will Sue Government in Strasbourg
After 30-day imprisonment and hunger-strike Soso Jachvliani said he will sue the government in Strasbourg.

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