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Businessman Blames Former Poti Mayor in Oppression and Bankruptcy
After several-years silence, a businessman from Poti and owner of the agricultural market Ltd Kolkhi 21 Nodar Korsantia started speaking about seizure of his property and oppression. Korsantia said after Vakhtang Lemonjava occupied position of Poti Mayor, local agricultural market started to ruin. Currently, Lemonjava is member of the National Movement fraction in the Parliament of Georgia.

New Video-Footage on Photo-Reporters’ Case to Be Handed to MIA and Prosecutor’s Office
Newspaper Kviris Kronika in relation to the case of photo-reporters published transcript of the hidden video-recording.  Newspaper claims that in the recording, two officers of the CSD (Constitutional Security Department) request photo-reporter Giorgi Abdaladze first and then Zurab Kurtsikidze to change lawyers.

Lawyers about Reinforcement of Lawyer’s Institute
“Civil protection can be guaranteed by strong lawyer’s institute in the country. The lawyer shall be protected to properly defend interests of his/her client,” it was pathos of the November 21 meeting between Zaza Khatiashvili, chairman of the Georgian Bar Association and Kutaisi acting lawyers in Kutaisi.

Law Enforcement Officers Arrested a Friend of Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava
Former director of the Tbilisi Water Gegi Kelbakiani and financial manager of the building company NCC Archil Chogovadze were interrogated at night to November 20 and then arrested. On the same day, Kelbakiani and Chogovadze were taken to the so-called Moduli building (office of the Special Operative Department of the MIA). Reportedly, Kelbakiani is a friend of Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava but as his lawyer said nobody had asked his clients about Ugulava during interrogation.
Parliament Is Working on the Draft-Law on Amnesty
It is serious step forward to restore justice on the background of severe criminal law in the country – the authors of the draft-law on amnesty stated; initial discussion of the draft-law took place at the Human Rights Committee of the Parliament of Georgia on November 19; there was controversy between parliamentary majority and minority members and heated debates during the discussion.

Human Rights Center Appeals to UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions With Regard to Akhmed Chataev’s Case
On November 20, Human Rights Center held press-conference about convicted Akhmed Chataev. Citizen of Russian Federation from North Caucasus, Akhmed Chataev, was acting as a mediator during the special operation in Lopota Gorge. Witnesses claim Chataev was brought from Tbilisi to negotiate with Chechen paramilitaries.

Human Rights Committee Agreed on the List of 180 Political Prisoners
Bidzina Giorgobiani, Irakli Orkuashvili, Mikheil Kareli, Badri Bitsadze, Kibar Khalvashi – this is incomplete list of people, who received status of politically persecuted persons on November 19 at the session of Human Rights Committee of the Parliament of Georgia after noisy debates.

Tengiz Gunava: “New Government Took Revenge on Me”
Former head of General Inspection of the MIA Tengiz Gunava is about to lodge a suit to the chief prosecutor’s office. Having left Gldani Prison #8, Gunava told journalists that he was subjected to illegal action and requests the chief prosecutor Archil Kbilashvili to start impartial investigation into his case.

Human Rights Center Demands Investigation into So-Called Prison Riot of 2006
Human Rights Center appeals to chief prosecutor of Georgia Archil Kbilashvili with the request to start investigation into the so-called prison riot of March 26, 2006 in Oartachala Prison at the prosecutor’s office.

Prosecutor’s Office Does Not Respond to the Solicitation of Human Rights Center’s Lawyer on Chataev’s Case
Court postponed discussion of Chechen refugee Akhmed Chataev’s case to November 26, detained in connection with the special operation in Lopota Gorge. Judge Ketevan Jachvadze at the Tbilisi City Court is discussing his case.

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