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A Hollowed Fir Tree Lands Man in Jail
Roin Gabaidze, 26 is facing a-five-year term of imprisonment for bringing home a hollowed out fir tree from his personal forest plot. A criminal case was launched against him in April 2007. The defendant’s attorney considers that his client was charged under the incorrect   legal Article.

History of Political Prisoner’s Detention
Merab Ratishvili was arrested based on the phone call; though nobody knows who made the phone call

Although, the government claims there are no political prisoners in Georgia, others take exception. The Ombudsman and attorneys representing Merab Ratishvili claim the complete opposite. Why do they think that political scientist and former president of Georgian National Golf Association were imprisoned on political grounds? What have been the associated e motivations and who benefits?  Details in the case material don’t hold up to closer scrutiny.

Murder in Gori: Many Unanswered Questions
On April 15 2008, the Love Day, a murder happened in the family of Zurab Iasamnidze in Dusheti Street in Gori. Vepkhia Muradashvili, a resident of the village of Akhaldaba, was murdered. Shida Kartli Regional Police Department investigated the accident – and according to the bill of indictment, Zurab Iasmnidze is charged for the premeditated murder of Vepkhia Muradashvili.

Faked Legal Findings in Shida Kartli Prosecutor’s Office
Suratia Gigauri, a resident of Shartava Street # 48 in Gori, demands that high-ranking officials of the Gori Prosecutor’s Office be punished. She claims they changed and falsified the conclusions over the death of her husband. We estimated from our findings that investigator Merebashvili and the prosecutor Muradashvili collaborated in the case.

Detained Election Commission Members May Apply to Strasbourg
Today Zaza Khatiashvili, single mandate candidate from Republic Party in Sighnaghi District and lawyer Tengiz Bezhashvili held a press-conference at the Human Rights Center’s Kakheti Office. Khatiashvili stated that he intends to appeal to the Human Rights European Court in Strasbourg against the detention of Besik Khatiashvili, member of the Bodbiskhevi District Election Commission and member of the Republician Party.

Disagreement in Public School in Village of Sakasheti
Teachers punished for complaining to Vardzelashvili

Teachers of the Sakasheti Public School in Gori District were punished for having defended their rights. On March 15 they submitted a letter of complaints to Vardzelashvili, Shida Kartli Regional Governor, and several days later the letter was shared with the person that they had complained about. Eighteen teachers of the school complained about the director who later met them in private and dressed them down over their behavior.

Repression of MP Candidate
The tension is increasing in Akhaltsikhe district with approaching parliamentary elections.  Tamar Gogoladze, majoritarian candidate for MP in Akhaltsikhe District from Georgian Republic Party, complains about suppression. “Election commission members from our party are invited to various instances and are given directives. I know who is meeting them and unless they stop the suppression, I will announce their names and will apply to other forms protest too.”
Nugzar Abulashvili: “Who not with me goes to jail!” (Part I)
Nugzar Abulashvili, a majoritarian candidate for MP from the United National Movement, is tied up with many criminal cases, and he is considered of being guilty of abusing his authority.  Former officials from the government and prosecutor bodies, representatives of the NGOs, journalists and ordinary people are demanding that criminal prosecution be started against him several times already, and in spite of all effort and recriminations, they have not been successful in their pleas.

Attorney Hunger Strike Means Georgian Justice Died
Lia Mukhashavria Shares Attorneys’ Hardest Conditions

Attorneys are sick and tired of remaining silent. They want to become more active in the pre-election period. Moreover, they have now decided to speak openly about legal gaps in the law as well as the general problems facing the profession. The dire herald of the Georgian legal system has only been highlighted by a very few until this time. “It is an act of last resort when attorneys take to street protests out of sheer desperation. It is only when there is not other option left open to them.  Taking to the street portends that they have no other way out. This means that Georgia justice is dead”- this is how Lia Mukhashavria, a well-known attorney described the real situation facing legal system in Georgia.

Police Breached the Rights of MP Candidate and a US Citizen
Lasha Chkhartishvili, Irakli Kakabadze and other members of the Egalitarian Institute (EI) who were arrested on April 23, were released the same day. Lawyers claim that Chkhartishvili and Kakabadze were arbitrarily detained because one of them took part in the ballot for majoritarian membership in the Parliament and the second is a US citizen.

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