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Population Is Seized Property in Revolutionary Georgia (part I)
Protection of the private property is one of the most serious problems in Georgia during last three years. Nearly hundred of private properties are dismantled and transferred to other owners. The owners of the dismantled buildings cannot find justice in Georgia and they rely on the assistance from international organizations.
We Do not Want to Be Tried
Samtredia based special school for juvenile offenders is the only institution for juveniles in Georgia. Thirty three juveniles, suspected in various crimes, are being taught how to start a new life. They also attend ordinary school lessons there. Juveniles are watching TV carefully, they wonder whether the information they have heard in rumors, is true. People say that juveniles might be tried like adults in future. Consequently, these children are afraid of being tried and it is quite natural.
Criminal Case Is Launched Against Patrol Policemen
Criminal Case has been launched against the patrol policemen for the Internal Ministry’s Kakheti Department, Vakhtang Zatikashvili and Giorgi Naskidashvili on the fact of Igor Chamiashvili’s beating. The Internal Ministry’s Gurjaani Department is investigating the case.
Victims of Earthquake Remain Homeless for the Second Time (the end)
To find out the reality, Human Rights Center got in touch with the representatives of the Tbilisi City Hall who were in charge to make some decisions and sign documents on the case materials. One of them is Temur Kurkhuli, (that time Prime Mayer), secretary of the City Municipality.
Kareli District Gamgebeli Is Blamed for Appropriating Budget Funds
The Human Rights Center’s Gori Organization received a petition from the teachers of public schools from the villages of Dirbi, Aklhalsofeli and Urbnisi in the Kareli District. The teachers wrote in their petition that they did not receive the vouchers in December of 2005 and entered the 2006 without their salaries. The teachers investigated the reasons for the incident and initially applied to the director followed by the head of the Resource Center. However, they could not receive any answer, because those people did not know where that money had disappeared.
Reason for Juvenile’s Detention - a Pram
Fifteen-year-old Giorgi has been detained for several days now. He arrested after taking a toy-pram from the neighbor’s house to entertain his eighteen-month-old brother. Giorgi, who takes care of his brothers and sisters, has no father and his mother is sick. Since he was detained four little children have been left without care.
Victims of Earthquake Remain Homeless for the Second Time (part III)
The first and second parts of the journalistic investigation focused on how the victims of the earthquake were lodged in various flats and how they are now being evicted. The third part of it will attract your attention to the documents that include the case materials of the victims.
Victims of Earthquake Remain Homeless for the Second Time (part II)
The victims of earthquake, having learned they faced eviction from their houses, thought that the court would find out the reality. Consequently, they waited for the court decision. However, they applied to the parliament for help.
Gurjaani Municipality Gamgebeli Does Not Have High Education
Non-governmental organization, Human Rights Centre, has brought suit at the Gurjaani District Court against the district Municipality. The suitor demands to abolish the December 8, 2006 resolution of the Municipality according to which Ramaz Kerechashvili was appointed to the position of Gamgebeli (governor).
Victims of Earthquake Remain Homeless for the Second Time (part I)
In several days, victims of the April 25, 2002 earthquake will become homeless again. The court has decided to evict them from their current houses. They have fifteen days to leave their flats.
Backlog of Unsolved Cases Builds up Tskaltubo
Lamara Geguchadze, a resident in Kutaisi applied to the Human Rights Center’s Kutaisi office after discovering her house had burnt down in her village of Banoja in the Tskaltubo district. The victim said that she initially applied to the Internal Ministry’s Tsakltubo district Department with oral and written appeal. However, everyone seemed to ignore her.
Davit Roketishvili: “I am Harassed by the Chief of the Borjomi Internal Ministry Department”
Series of problems for Dato Roketishvili, Borjomi resident, has started since a policeman raped a little girl. Roketishvili speaks about the harassment he endures from the chief and officers from the Borjomi Internal Ministry Department.
Representatives of Aid and Employment Office Violate Human Rights
Poor people living in the Kakheti region don’t hold the “Poverty Reduction Program” in high esteem. They even doubt if it exists to assist poor families. There are serious doubts about the competence of social workers and it is alleged that some are corrupt. Program applicants also claimed that the board of the Kakheti Regional Center for the State Social Aid and Employment does not show interests in their needs and their insensitivity is well demonstrated with the way representatives of the social agency insult the poor people when they call in for assistance over the phone.
Disabled People Are Prohibited To Get Married
The Georgian Civil Code, Article 1120 prohibits the mentally and physically disabled people to get married. The Public Defender does not welcome the restriction and demands the chairwoman of the Parliament to cancel the draft law.
Patrol Inspectors Beat Watchman and Then Detained Him
Human Rights Center demanded to launch a criminal case against Vakhtang Zatikashvili and Giorgi Naskidashvili, inspectors of the Patrol Police Kakheti Regional Department.
Legislation against Laundry
The amendments became popular after the Tbilisi Supervision Service started to distribute the warrants to the population. More precisely, under the Article 150 section III, physical and legal entities cannot install a ventilation system, laundry drier, bars or some other constructions without permission. If the law is not followed, the violator will be fined 500GEL, and if repeated the fine will increase to 1, 500GEL.
Human Trafficking Remains the Problem of the Century(part II)
"2006 was very important year for the government to carry out the activities for preventing trafficking. Quite an ordinary law was adopted on the problem that is quite acceptable regarding the situation in the country. The government can do many good things under the law. For example, now it is possible to identify the status of the trafficked victims and consequently s/he can be housed in the asylum. In addition, the victim can receive legal, psychological, medical and some other aid.”(Mark Hulst)
Human Trafficking Remains the Problem of the Century(part I)
Georgia remains in the second basket according to the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the field of the trafficking. People continue to become victims of the trafficking and the country is not able to prevent this. Although human trafficking is a serious problem throughout the entire world, the business is well entrenched in the Caucasus and traffickers are increasing in number very quickly and more and more people are falling victim.
Pornography Has No Limits
Non-governmental organization “Parents’ Union” has protested the removing the law from the Georgian Legislation that protected juveniles from being influenced by indecent material. More precisely, based on the Parliament’s decision on December 29, 2006, amendments were introduced to the law on “protection of juveniles from indecent influence” but all prohibitions on TVs have since been abolished.
Factory Watchman, Lost Property and Victim of Drug Planting
Kote Askurava, accused for having stolen equipment worth million of dollars from a factory formally owned by Aslan Abashidze (former head of the Adjara Autonomous Republic), was detained last week for drug-dealing. The family members of Askurava blame the law enforcers for arbitrary detention.
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