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Famous Human Rights Defender Sergei Kovalov Was Astonished by Vakhania’s Case
On September 10, 2009 Zugdidi District Court (Judge Davit Kekenadze) sentenced Academician Vladimer Vakhania to one-year-imprisonment for preventing journalist from professional activities and to three-year-imprisonment for illegal purchase-possession of weapon; the crimes are envisaged under Article 154 Part II and Article 236 Part I of the Criminal Code of Georgia. Law enforcement officers detained Vakhania for preventing journalist from her professional activities and for the purchase-possession of weapon on March 17, 2009. He is in Zugdidi prison N 4 in unbearable conditions with poor health.

Mentally Disabled Juvenile Was Imprisoned
14-year-old Irakli Abashidze was accused in robbery. According to the accusation, the damage which was caused by the crime is about 200 GEL. However, the lawyers claim there are no documents to justify the accusation. According to the medical expertise, Irakli Abashidze is mentally disabled person. His lawyers are going to send the suit to Strasburg.

Judge Passed Verdict on Beselia’s Family Members according to Prosecutors’ Directions
Batumi City Court passed verdict on the son and brother of Eka Beselia, leader of Movement for United Georgia. Juveniles Rati Milorava and Valeri Kirvalidze were sentenced to 18-month-imprisonment and fined with 2 000 GEL; Sergo Beselia and Roin Tsagareli were sent to prison for 2 years and 6 months and fined with 4 000 GEL. The prosecutor requested the length of imprisonment and amount of fines. Judge Jemal Kiknadze at the Batumi City Court satisfied the request of prosecutor completely.

Prosecutor’s Office Used Loyal Charge for Family Members of Eka Beselia
“I heard politically grounded verdict of Saakashvili announced by Judge Konstantine Tsatsua,” stated Eka Beselia, the head of “Movement for United Georgia” in Batumi Court on December 22, where the trial on his brother and son finished. Prosecutor facilitated the charge. Judge Jemal Kiknadze postponed announcement of the verdict for 5:00 pm on December 24.

Court Sentenced Young Lawyer to 7-Year-Imprisonment
Gori district court sentenced 22-year-old lawyer Mariana Ivelashvili to 7-year-imprisonment. Gori Prosecutor’s Office blames her in swindle. Mariana Ivelashvili petitions to the president of Georgia, representatives of international organization and human rights defenders to defend her rights.

Lawyers Joined New Union of Lawyers in Kutaisi
Supporters from Kutaisi also joined the new union of lawyers – “Lawyers of Georgia for Independent Profession”. On December 12, at the meeting in Kutaisi lawyers spoke about the problems in their profession. They said the main goal of creating new union of lawyers is to make their profession stronger. The founders of the Georgian Lawyers for Independent Profession are famous lawyers: Davit Asatiani, Dimitri Gabunia, Manana Kobakhidze, Davit Lanchava, Roin Migriauli, Rusudan Pitava, Zurab Tabidze, Irakli Kandashvili, Akaki Chargeishvili and others.

Zaza Khatiashvili: “Lawyers Should not Forget Detention of Lawyer Natia Siradze”
Executive Council of the Bar Association appealed against the detention of lawyer Natia Siradze at the Appeal Court. However, since there were no new circumstances in case materials, the judge Manuchar Kapanadze did not accept the appeal.

Police Does not Have Rights to Hide Information About Ossetian Detainees
Tskhinvali de-facto government permanently speaks about the hostages detained during the war in August of 2008 and onwards; they request Georgian side to return detainees. The Ministry of Internal Affairs denies the existence of arbitrarily detained people in Georgian prisons. High-ranking officials of the MIA state that Georgian police detained ethnic Ossetian people for criminal offence. Part of them was convicted too. However, suddenly it was cleared up that the situation is not as it is reported. Instead 2 adults kidnapped from Tirdznisi village 5 Ossetian people were released by Georgian side; this fact confirmed that there are arbitrarily detained Ossetian people in Georgian prisons.

Public Defender’s Monitoring Group Confirmed That Political Prisoners Were on Hunger Strike
Public Defender’s Office confirms that prisoners were on hunger-strike for three days. Ministry of Penitentiary, Legal Aid and Probation denied the information till the last day.

Police Kept Arbitrarily Detained Ossetian Citizens in Gori Detention Setting
As a result of mediation of the Human Rights Commissionaire of CoE Thomas Hammarberg Ossetian detainees were released; the former detainees recall the hard time they had spent in Gori detention settings in their interviews with Tskhinvali media sources. According to them, Georgian police arbitrarily detained them. The imprisonment, because of poor conditions and cruel treatment, was so hard for them that they did not hope to survive not to speak about freedom.
Public Defender Demands to Punish Law Enforcement Officers Who Breached Law
Public Defender Giorgi Tughushi claims the first part of the 2009 report of Public Defender was prepared after he came in office. Giorgi Tughushi stated about it at the session of the Parliamentary Commission of Human Rights when his report was discussed.
Hunting Season on Lawyers
Detention of lawyers has become a tendency in Georgia. After Natia Siradze and Kartlos Gharibashvili, now Besarion Cholokava was detained by police. According to the spread information, Cholokava is suspected in the crime envisaged under Article 180 Part II and III of the Criminal Code of Georgia. According to “Interpressnews”, Cholokava is accused in extorting money from citizens in exchange of legal assistance.
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