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Khatuna Charaeva – One More Hostage of MIA
Young Lawyers Association will sue the Ministry of Internal Affairs at court. MIA did not allow the association to defend detainee Khatuna Charaeva from Akhalgori district. Lawyer of the GYLA Nino Khaindrava reported she has been unsuccessfully requesting case materials from the MIA for more than one month. Relatives of the detainee do not have information about the detainee. Since detention, Khatuna Charaeva disappeared.

One More Political Prisoner
Human Rights Commission of the Conservative Party granted status of political prisoner to the coordinator of the Kakheti region office of the Republic Party Merab Katamadze. Several non-governmental organizations and opposition parties are members of the human rights commission. Among them is the Human Rights Center.

Natia Korkotadze: “If Trial Is Fair, Vakhtang Maisaia Shall Be Released from Court Room”
The court will pass final judgment on military expert Vakhtang Maisaia, who is detained for espionage, presumably early in February. The proceeding has been going in closed regime for 5 months already. News Agency “Pirveli” has interviewed the attorney Natia Korkotadze about the details and presumed results of the case-discussion.

Aprasidzes Are not on the List of Political Prisoners
On January 18, president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili suddenly mentioned the issue of political prisoners when he was presenting resort project in Svaneti region. Speaking about future resorts of Anaklia and Mestia, he recalled famous case of Aprasidze and asked rhetorically. “How can several representatives of the so-called political elite treat their country like that?!”

Vladimer Vakhania Made Testimony to the Investigation 10 Months Later
Academician Vladimer Vakhania is accused in interference of professional activities of a journalist and illegal purchase-possession of weapon. Attorneys clarify he is arbitrarily detained political prisoner and consequently, court investigation is illegal. Opposition parties and non-governmental organizations also declare him to be political prisoner. Law enforcement officers detained the Academician on March 17, 2009. On January 15, 2010 he had first chance to make testimony to the court.

General Kobaladze Has not Decided to Sue against the Judgment Yet
Attorney of General Koba Kobaladze Gela Nikolaishvili cannot state whether they will appeal against the court judgment or not; whether they will request to discharge the general from the accusation of illegal possession of weapon. Only attorney’s desire is not enough for it; the client should also agree with him. In accordance to the procedural code, the verdict can be appealed within one month after it was announced.

Round Table to Defend Georgian Human Rights Defenders -photoreportage
On January 15 “South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders”, coalition of non-governmental organizations “Civil Manifest” and “Georgian Young Lawyers Association” organized a round table in the hotel “Ambassador”.
Zaza Khatiashvili: “Bar Association Will Become Effective Agency”
Bar Association has new chairman. The lawyers elected Zaza Khatiashvili on this position on December 27. The election was held in two parts.6 Lawyers were candidates during the first part. Ketevan Kvartskhava and Zaza Khatiashvili received most votes but in the second part Zaza Khatiashvili won with 720 votes.

Story of Marek Dudaev – How 13-year-old Boy Turned into a Monster
“Field commander of South Ossetia,” “King of Commanders”, “Wolf” – He is called these romantic names in South Ossetia; he is a famous criminal Marek Dudaev. According to his passport, Marek has Georgian name – Nodari; it means once, before the conflict in South Ossetia, the Dudaevs were well integrated with Georgian people.

Sighnaghi Policemen Beat 23-Year-Old Young Man Ruthlessly
Sighnaghi district policemen – Levan Kharatishvili and Otar Topchishvili ruthlessly beat 23-year-old Guram Bagalishvili. Bagalishvili had his head broken by fire-gun in three places. The victim has bruises on the right eye and top of the head. According to the allegations of the witnesses, policemen really acted as hooligans, beat the man and abused their power. However, nobody has been detained for the crime yet.
Political Shackles or Implications for the Release of General Kobaladze
On January 11, Tbilisi City Court passed verdict on the rebels of the Mukhrovani Mutiny. 41 soldiers and civilians were detained for the attempted state coup and military mutiny in May of 2009. 20 of them were released as a result of plea bargain at various times.
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