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Akhmeta Municipal Board Members and District Administration Officials Were Physically Assaulted
In the evening of December 25, an incident occurred in the Shuamta Restaurant. Several people physically assaulted the chairman of Akhmeta municipal board Aleksandre Mailashvili, district deputy governor Davit Doijashvili, head of office at the district administration Iveri Tsitelauri and commissary of the Khalatsani village Zaza Guneshashvili.
Business of a Small Entrepreneur Sacrificed to the Controversy Between Regional Governor and Municipal Board Members
Resident of Ergneti village in Gori district Ramin Jokhadze was selling “fuel gas” in the territory of the Ltd “Georgia 21”. The company belongs to the deputy chairman of the municipal board Temur Khachiuri. After Zurab Arsoshvili occupied the position of the Shida Kartli regional governor, he got interested in Temur Khachiuri’s business.

Prisoners of the Regional Governor
On November 27, 2010 about 100 residents of Vazisubani village in Gurjaani district held protest rally against the JSC Kakheti Energy Distribution Company. They requested restoration of electricity supply. The rally participants blocked the Telavi-Tbilisi motorway for several minutes.
Ungrounded Pretrial Detention
“Georgian courts agree with the investigation conclusions and sentence suspects to imprisonment without considering any alternative punishments. They do not pay attention to the personality of the accused, gravity of the imprisonment and other circumstances,” said lawyer Besarion Bokhashvili at the presentation in the Hotel Radisson yesterday.
Public Defender Woke Up
 Public Defender Giorgi Tughushi said the concrete facts of physical assault and inhuman treatment of prisoners and detainees in pretrial detention settings are not properly investigated that promote the impunity syndrome among law enforcement officers.
Appeal of Georgian non-governmental organizations working in the field of protection of rights
 On October 21, 2020, in Tbilisi, at the territory of “Elsavaco” Ltd (so called “Lilo” marketplace) the market traders hold the peaceful protest rally. They addressed representatives of political union “National Forum” for assistance and support.Mr. Kakha Chakvetadze Deputy Head of partial control of p/u “National Forum”,was detained immediately after the incident by the law enforcement officers of Tbilisi Isani-Samgori Police office.
Judge Did Not Let Attorney Into Court Room
Judge at the Dedoplistskaro district court Shorena Kavelashvili did not let the lawyer of the Human Rights Center Lia Khuroshvili into the court room; the lawyer had to defend the journalists at the trial yesterday. The lawyer arrived at the court one minute after the judge had entered the court room.

Human Rights Defenders Requesting Release of Political Prisoner Zaza Chakvetadze
The member of National Forum Kakha (Zaza) Chakvetadze is still under arrest. Political parties and NGOs agreed on that Chakvetadze is a political prisoner. On December 14th the human rights defending NGOs gathered and introduced the special appeal to media in the House of Free Opinion.

Human Rights Defenders’s Appeal on the Case of Gvantsa Kuparadze
Georgian human rights defenders are appealing to the Georgian Government, the public defender, the Human Rights and Legal Issue Committees of Parliament, international human rights organizations and the diplomatic corpus accredited in Georgia to urgently study the case of Gvantsa Kuparadze, who was sentenced to 10-year-imprisonment. We ask them to take all the necessary measures to ensure that justice is served in this case.
The Torturously Killed Roin Shavadze was Summoned to Court as a Witness
The family of torturously killed Roin Shavadze was visited and told that “Roin Shavadze was summoned to Batumi City Court to Vera Dolidze.” After composing special protocol stating that Roin Shavadze passed away, the visitors left Shavadze family. This happened last Monday according to Roin Shavadze’s spouse, Tsitsino Shavadze and her lawyer Ramin Papadze who spoke with pressa.ge.
Police Could Not Find Corpse In The Field During One Month
17-year-old Giga Elizbarashvili was found dead in his native village after one-month search. Unfortunately only his bones and torn clothes were discovered in the village. The reason of his death is still unclear.
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