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Ethnic Abkhaz Person Disappeared in Khurcha
The Human Rights Center (HRIDC) reports that on October 9, 2010 45-year-old ethnic Abkhaz Gari Kopua disappeared after crossing the administrative border in the village of Khurcha supposedly by Georgian law enforcement officers; he crossed the border by his car. The witnesses allege that he crossed border in order to deliver the luggage of the local residents. However, Georgian border officers detained him.
Relatives of Vano Merabishvili Misappropriated Property worth Several Million
 After the Rose Revolution Nodar Sakuashvili used to host president Saakashvili in Kakheti region. Mikheil Saakashvili used to take honorable guests to his house in Saniore during many years. Nodar Sakuashvili became a privileged businessman during the current authority; mostly it was attributed to the relation between the families of his sister and the minister of internal affairs of Georgia Vano Merabishvili. After the death of Nodar Sakuashvili the relatives of Merabishvili misappropriated almost entire property of Sakuashvili.
Statement of the Non-Governmental Organizations
 One More Example of “Zero Tolerance” and “Selective Justice”

Human Rights NGOs undersigned below express their concern regarding the recent judgment of the Tbilisi City Court sentencing 6 youngsters to 3 years and 4 months imprisonment for hooliganism, the fact of which has not been established by reliable evidence, and despite a number of elevating circumstances present in the case. This comes as a particularly harsh sentence in comparison with a pattern of sentences applied e.g., against law enforcement officials who were found guilty of causing deprivation of citizens’ lives.  Just to compare: for the murder of Buta Robakidze, 19, the police officer was sentenced to a 4-year-imprisonment (in 2006) and the murderers of Girgvliani, 27, did not even spend the 4 years in prison, being pardoned by the President (in 2009).
Suspect and Investigator in One Institution – Hammarberg’s Commission Surprised at Inactivity of the Investigation
 Alan Khachirov, Aslan Khugaev and Soltan Pliev were last seen on October 13, 2008. Ossetian side blames the Georgian authority in kidnapping the three people. The investigation has been underway for two years. The commission of the CoE Commissioner for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg concluded that the government of Georgia carries out inefficient investigation. In addition to that, the main principle is breached – the institution suspected in kidnapping is in charge to investigate the fact.
Police Officers Beat Director of the Local TV-Company in Stalin Square
 After the TV-Company “Trialeti” dedicated most part of its news time to the re-transmitting of the programs of the TV-Company “Maestro” and talk-show “Hot Line”, the journalists and founders of the TV-Company became victims of various oppressions. The last incident occurred on October 7, 2010 in Gori center in front of the TBC bank in Stalin square. The director general of the TV-Company John Nanetashvili was ruthlessly beaten by the patrol police officers in public.

Givi Berikashvili’s Relative is Sentenced with Preliminary Imprisonment
Tbilisi City Court Judge Vazha Pukhashvili passed sentence of preliminary imprisonment as a compulsory measure against individual undertaker of LLC “Kidobani” Nino Lortkipanidze, a relative of actor Givi Berikashvili. Nino Lortkipanidze is one of the 18 individual undertakers the case of compulsory measure of whose was discussed on October 7th by the judge Pukhashvili.
Roman Gventsadze: “I Like Vano Merabishvili but I Cannot Understand the Idea of the “Reasonable Doubt”
 “Georgia has not had such a strong minister of internal affairs since 1990s. Vano Merabishvili is the cleverest and strongest person of all ministers I know; he is even better than I was -I once said it and one oppositionist commented on my words: Roman Gventsadze praises Merabishvili because he promoted his son and released his grandson from prison. It is not correct. My son still occupies the same position and my grandson is still in prison,” said former minister of internal affairs of Georgia Roman Gventsadze who likes the current law enforcement system though he does not avoid criticizing of the mistakes too.

Court Completely Satisfied Request of the Investigation When Imposing Preventive Measures over Individual Entrepreneurs from the Shopping Centers
 The request of the investigative department within the Georgian ministry of finances was almost completely satisfied in regard with the detained individual entrepreneurs from the shopping centers “Kidobani” and “Pasaji”. Judge Vazha Pukhashvili at the Tbilisi City Court sentenced 10 accused to pretrial detention as it was requested by the investigation.
Nothing Personal – Draft Law Which Protects and Makes It Public
Will the personal lives of people protected in Georgia and what are the guarantees that their personal information will not become the reason for their personal discrimination - these are questions asked by one part of lawyers regarding the draft-law on the “Protection of Personnel Data”.
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