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Secret about Geno Malazonia’s Detention
The Tax Department started to inspect the JSC “Energy Invest” in April of 2010. A month later, Georgian media sources actively reported about detention of the director of the JSC Geno Malazonia; he is in pre-trial detention at the moment. After his detention, every employee of the enterprise “Nitric”, subordinated to the “Energy Invest”, received special directives – not to give interviews to journalists.

Presa.ge Got Hold of Expertise Conclusion on Roin Shavadze’s Case
Presa.ge got hold of two conclusions of the forensic expertise – N 1739-111 and N2963/1 on Roin Shavadze’s case; according to those conclusions, the senior sergeant Roin Shavadze, who had returned home from the August war in 2008 two days ago, was initially tortured and then killed.
Court did not Allow Prisoner to Attend Trial
Kutaisi Appeal Court discussed a case on the convicted Apolon Giorgadze. Giorgadze is accused of the resistance to the prison administration during transportation; in addition to that he is a member of a criminal network though he himself denies this fact. According to the 2010 judgment of Kutaisi City Court Apolon Giorgadze was sent to prison for 6 years (for his membership in a criminal network) and 10 months for resistance.
Ethnic Ossetian Citizen Requests His Property Lost in 1990s
Resident of the village of Agara in Kareli district Liana Kaberashvili sued IDPs from Znauri district and requests the accommodation they have occupied. The IDPs from Znauri settled in Agara early in 1990s and occupied three rooms in the house of Liana Kaberashvili’s father.
Policemen Beat More Citizens
Excessive use of force during the detention of the suspected people has become urgent problem in Georgia for the last 5-6 years. Since 2004, the policemen were less inhuman when arresting people. However, recently, the problem has become more systematic. In Kakheti region, facts of excessive use of force have increased in Kakheti region.
“Policemen and Liar Journalists Deserve Death”
At 6:00 pm on April 17 junior inspector of Zugdidi district police department Irodion Shelia fired his gun and Nugzar Mania was killed. Several minutes later, special reportage was shown on TV-Company “Rustavi 2” in the weekly program “PS”.

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Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
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