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Former Advisor to Former Prime-Minister Zurab Nogaideli Will Spend 17 Years in Prison
Zviad Kharebava - former advisor to the former prime-minister of Georgia Zurab Nogaideli is still in prison. The Appeal Court did not change the verdict of the initial court and Kharebava has to spend 17 years in prison.
1,000 Cases Discussed: Judiciary finds almost all Guilty
According to research which was carried out in Georgia with the financial support of theUSAID organization, 96% of the 2000 interviewed respondents think the court judgments are fair.
American Journalist Jeffrey Silverman Beaten for the Fourth Time
 US former resident Jeffrey K. Silverman was beaten for the fourth time in Tbilisi. As he states to Human Rights Center, all the facts of the physical assaults are connected to his journalistic activity. Silverman avers that his persecution is directly organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Minister Vano Merabishvili and with the agreement of US authorities.
Breached Security Norms Result in Death of Two People
The population of the Vardisubani village in Lagodekhi district blames the JSC Kakheti Energy Distribution Company in breaching security norms. On the evening of February 20, when local people tried to mend the severed electricity wires, the electricity supply was suddenly resumed and it resulted in the death of two people. 40-year-old Nikoloz Arevadze, an electricity fitter, and Avtandil Kochiashvili, 29, died on the spot.

Sandro Bregadze under Preliminary Arrest
After being convicted for hooliganism, Tbilisi City Court Judge Giorgi Arevadze imposes preliminary arrest as a compulsory measure for former MP Sandro Bregadze.

People Disappear and then Reappear -17-Hour Arbitrary Detention in Adjara Main Department of the MIA
Police officers took Tamar Dolidze from home at 3:00 am on January 27. Seventeen hours later police officers released her. Meanwhile, family members had no idea where and why Dolidze was taken. The investigator dropped the criminal investigation against her because of a lack of evidence.

Zviad Kharebava – Victim of Political Revenge
In 2009, Zviad Kharebava was detained for swindle and unreasonable expenditure of funds; 17-year-imprisonment was imposed on him. The convicted person said he was victim of political revenge.

Members of Agency of Subsidies and Insurance Companies Detained
Officers of the investigative department at the Ministry of Finances detained representatives of the Agency for Subsidies within the Ministry of Labor, Healthcare and Social Welfare for the unreasonable expenditure and misappropriation of a  particularly large amount of budget funds and the abuse of their professional power. 

Public Defender Requests Punishment of Police Chief
Public Defender of Georgia Giorgi Tugushi requests punishment of the head of Telavi district police department Shota Bezhanishvili. The Ombudsman’s report states that on April 6, 2010 police officers detained juvenile suspect for the thievery in a shop in Telavi; the police officers beat him at the police station to get his confession about in stealing a bike too.

Vakhtang Maisaia vs Rustavi 2 and Maestro TV
Military Expert Vakhtang Maisaia, Charged with Espionage Sues TV-Companies Rustavi 2 and Maestro TV for Screening Famous Film ‘Enveri’.
One More Example of Selective Justice: One Can Own It, But the other Cannot!
The Kalandadzes have been arguing in Mtskheta district for several months. The family requests legalization of the part of the ravine which was registered to their next-door neighbor several months ago. The lawyer of the Human Rights Center said it is classic example of the “optional justice.”
Georgia preliminary examination: OTP concludes second visit to the Russian Federation
A delegation from the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) of the International Criminal Court today concluded a two-day visit to the Russian Federation.

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