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Amendments to the Criminal Code of Georgia
Georgian parliament is discussing amendments to the Criminal Code of Georgia. According to the amendments, the law will get stricter about creation of illegal formations, for the attack on police officer or public official and for hiding the property in order to avoid tax payment.

Different places different standards
I have twice - in 2006 and 2007 - called upon European policy makers, through the pages of 'New Europe', to end their blatant use of double standards in addressing human rights violations in different countries. Moreover, even the European Parliament takes sometimes a selective approach in these matters - on occasions choosing to give a clear signal on a particular human rights issue, whilst at certain other times abstaining from doing so.

Irakli Okruashvili Was Going to Enter Georgia through Tskhinvali, according to MIA
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIA) of Georgia, the Counter-Intelligence Department detained a criminal group several members of which are related to Georgian Party.

Human Rights Defenders Celebrated International Day in Support of Torture Victims
On June 26, Georgian human rights organizations traditionally celebrated the International Day in Support of Torture Victims. The member organizations of the Human Rights House Tbilisi – the Human Rights Center, The Georgian Centre for Psychosocial and Medical Rehabilitation of Torture Victims, the Union “Sapari” and the Article 42 of the Constitution organized a joint event in support of torture victims in the April 9 Park (former Aleksandrov Park), Tbilisi.

Court Does not Discuss Merab Katamadze’s Case
Member of political council of the Republic Party, former single mandate candidate from Akhmeta district Merab Katamadze is accused in illegal purchase, possession and storage of firearms. Two years ago, court imposed bail on Katamadze; his case was sent to the Tbilisi City Court for further discussion though not started yet.

Sighnaghi Police Head Beat Citizen
The drunken head of Sighnaghi police Zaza Maziashvili and other police officials beat the citizen Soso Javakhishvili. The incident took place on June 18th at Sarajishvili St. in Sighnaghi. The law-enforcement officials detained beaten Soso Javakhishvili and imposed fine against him. Javakhishvili has injuries and is going through medical treatment at home.

Zviad Kharebava Hopes Only for Strasbourg
Georgian Supreme Court did not accept the cassation suit of the convicted Zviad Kharebava. Interpresnews was reported from the Supreme Court that the Cassation Chamber, having studied the criminal case and the cassation suit, concluded that the convicted Kharebava’s suit does not comply with the requirements of the Article 547 Part II of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

Sought by International Police Is Now Political Refugee
The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs seeks Temur Basilia, 54, with the support of the INTERPOL. However, the USA granted political shelter to him.

Georgia's Cycle of Violence Reflects Dysfunctional Politics
Pati Managadze was delighted to learn that her son Demur was in jail. For nearly a week Managadze had searched for the 21-year-old, who had gone missing following violent clashes between police and antigovernment demonstrators in downtown Tbilisi on the night of May 25-26. She feared the worst when Demur's name did not appear on the police list of those who had been detained. After searching the city's police precincts for days, Managadze finally got lucky.

Definition of Illegal Armed Formation Broadens and Criminal Accountability Increases.
Criminal accountability for leading or participating in the illegal armed formation increases. The amendments are initiated to the Criminal Code of Georgia.

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