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Renovated Houses of IDPs Get Waterlogged
 “I know when my name is published in media, they will ask – has not this man died yet? They will ask it because I have been complaining about the problem and have been urging for help since we settled in this building. The problems, which my neighbors discussed with you, are not new for me. The situation has worsened since August of 2009 and you can see our living conditions yourself,” an IDP from Abkhazia Vazha Moniava started his interview with the Human Rights Center with these words.
Negligence of Public Officials Made IDP to Attempt Suicide
On October 27, IDP from Abkhazia Nana Pipia tried to burn herself by petrol in front of the ministry of the IDPs from the occupied territories, accommodation and refugees of Georgia. At the moment she is in the national center for burnt diseases and the doctors cannot make any prognosis about the development of her health conditions in future. More than 30 percent of her body was burnt and medically it is singe of the second and third degree.
IDPs Asking for Help
In Khobi, at #12 Sakhoia St, eight families of IDPs from Abkhazia live in the building of “Sharagzamsheni 1.” It needs repair; roof is damaged, water is leaking in the rooms, walls are crannied and damp. IDPs can’t renovate the roof because of the lack of finances. Winter is anticipated with a great fear. They are asking for elementary attention from the local government.
Water Leaking into Recently Renovated Flats
 About 1 500 IDPs live in the territory of the so-called military settlement in Khoni. 17 four-storied buildings are located in the area; their reconstruction started in March of 2008. The municipal development fund ordered their reconstruction. Three building companies won the competition. Building company “Axis” took responsibility to renovate 4 residential buildings; “Dagma, Ltd” – had to renovate 5 buildings; and New Energy had to reconstruct 8 buildings. All three companies are registered in Tbilisi and they have their central offices in the capital. Their representatives supervised the ongoing activities in Khoni.
“We Have Only One Way Left: We Should Stand, Lie, Creep and Beg Here” – IDPs From Abkhazia Are Still In the Street
 Tents in the street… old people in tears looking out from the tents; their faces do not show any hope. We hear cry of infants from several tents. They have made their beds in the tents so carefully as if they are not going to leave the area for a long time… they say the same. The reportage was prepared on October 19 during the ongoing protest demonstration in front of the ministry of IDPs from occupied territories, accommodation and refugees.

Old IDP Man Blames the Building Company in Stealing His Electricity
81-year-old Simon Pekhshvelashvili, IDP from Tskhinvali district, who fled from there in the 1990s, lives in the students’ dormitory in Tskhinvali road in Gori without electricity. Water is leaking into the flat of his neighbor from his house on the ground floor.
IDPs Dissatisfied with the Quality of the Rehabilitated Houses
As a result of the donors’ conference, 81, 9 million GEL was to be spent on the rehabilitation of the temporary accommodations of the IDPs out of the allocated 4, 55 billion USD. The Municipal Development Fund of Georgia selected the companies as a result of the competition. Like in the entire Georgia, the problems of IDPs are endless in Samegrelo region too.
Eviction of More Than 5 000 IDPs Contradicted The International Norms
 In summer of 2010, more than 5 000 IDPs were evicted from the premises of compact settlement in contradiction to the domestic legislation and international law. In several cases, the alternative accommodation did not satisfy the minimal requirements of normal living conditions. Several IDPs were not offered a new accommodation or compensation at all.
Residents of Potskhoetseri Urge for Help
An IDP from Abkhazia Madona Vekua lived in the building for compact settlement in Tbilisi. Two months ago, she was internally displaced once more – the ministry of the IDPs from the occupied territories, refugees and accommodation resettled her from the former building of the Russian military base to Potskhoetseri settlement in Samegrelo region. Madona Vekua complains about her health. There are no conditions to take medical treatment in Potskhoetseri. There is not even a hospital there.
The Dining & Boiler Rooms Sold Out along with the IDPs
  In the building of former boarding school in Senaki, as a result of the state strategy, the residence homes of IDPs in the compact centers are started to be rehabilitated and given to their ownership. But, as it has turned out, the residence homes of IDPs in the former dining & boiler rooms situated thereby won’t be renovated as it’s under the private ownership.
Where Should We Live? – Dilemma For Akhalgori District Residents
 About 7 700 people lived in Akhalgori district before the armed conflict in August of 2008. As a result of the military operations, Russian armies deployed in the district; however, unlike other districts of the former autonomous republic of South Ossetia, mass ethnic cleansing did not take place in Akhalgori district. Currently, the Law of Georgia on Occupied Territories work for the district and according to it, there is emergency situation in Akhalgori district.
Turned Off Electricity and Threats of Eviction against IDPs
 By the government’s strategy, the IDPs are going to be placed in new residence homes. With this intention, special high storied apartment buildings are being built in Poti. Before the exploitation of the new homes, the city government provided residence places for several families. It is one of the high storied apartment buildings at Gorgasali St. #5/38, the building of which started during the communist period when it was called a cooperative apartment. This house has been in the form of carcase without an owner for years now. The communist era finished without the completion of the house.

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