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Internal Displacement as a Stigma in Georgia
Journalist Anuna Bukia, an IDP from Sokhumi, Abkhazia, thinks it is difficult to be an IDP in Georgia not only because of social-economic factors but because of negative approach of the Georgian society towards internally displaced people.

“I Wish We Could Return to Our Homes and Then I Will Need Nothing From Them…”
Soon after the August war, a lot of representatives of state or international organizations visited internally displaced people from the conflict zone every day and inquired their problems. Now, four years after the war, IDPs complain about inattention and say that majority of their social problems were not resolved.

Ministry of Refugees Does Not Share Complaints of Eco-Migrants but Promised to Resolve Their Problems
In the beginning of November, humanrights.ge reported about the problems of eco-migrants from Adjara. People settled in Gorelovka village in Samtskhe-Javakheti region, told humanrights.ge that Ministry of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees had not implemented its responsibilities before eco-migrants.

Deputy Minister Promised Humanrights.ge to Immediately Study Problems of IDPs Residing in Koda
448 families of IDP families live in Koda village of Tetritskaro district. Families from Eredvi village, Tskhinvali and Liakhvi Gorge were resettled there in November-December of 2008. IDPs say district administrations do not pay proper attention to them.
Homeless Families Occupy One of the Most Demolished Buildings in Rustavi
A former three-story building of the Technical University is one of the most damaged buildings on the left embankment in Rustavi. One part of the building is completely destroyed. The rooms next to the demolished part do not have walls.

Citizens of Some Foreign States Live in Martkopi Asylum
The history of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is intimately tied in to the rights of migrants and refugees. More than sixty years ago, following a world war, it was seen as vital to ensure the rights of people fleeing political persecution and conflict. As wars and repression continue throughout the world, it remains of crucial importance to ensure the safety of those people fleeing conflict zones or authoritarian regimes.
TV 9 Spread New Information about Ongoing Events in Lopota Valley
About one month ago, a group of 9 Chechen people crossed Georgian-Chechen border from the territory of Khonischali village in Khevsureti; Chechen field commander Doku Umarov’s alley and member of the Caucasus Emirate Tarkhan Gaziyev was commander of this group.  TV-9 spread information about it.

“So, elections are approaching and there is no other way for them to cajole us”.
There are 448 inhabitants in the village Koda of Tetritskaro says local government. The IDPs from Eredvi, Tskhinvali and Liakhvi ravine were settled in Koda in November-December of 2008. Despite having lived in Koda for 4 years already, the government has now legalized the land.

Tamar Kintsurashvili – Ossetian IDPs Can Return before the Commission Is Set Up
Although law about restitution was passed in Georgia, the process of return of Ossetian refugees and restitution of their properties has reached deadlock in fact. Expert Zurab Bendianashvili said the law is still-born. 

IDPs about IDP Stories
What are the conditions of IDPs; what is the situation with privatization of their accommodation spaces; have they received compensation; have they adapted to new places of settlement; how they tackle unemployment; do they receive social assistance – series of programs – IDP Stories release information about these topics.

Journalists Blame Press Secretary of Subeliani for not Fulfilling Duties
In the month of October of last year Transparency International Georgia addressed the Minister of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Refugees and Accommodation with a recommendation to effectively cooperate with the media outlets which are critical to its work. The Ministry did not consider the recommendation of the authoritative organization. The Ministry is still closed for independent journalists
Giorgi Tughushi: “Numerous Criminal Cases Raise Rather Serious Doubts”
Interpressnews talked to Ombudsman of Georgia, Giorgi Tughushi, regarding the human rights state in Georgia last year.

Are there political prisoners in Georgia currently?
yes No I do not know


Women – victims of violence
Growing older has one more privilege besides the years-long experience – you personally participate in the change of public opinions. These changes are
ქალ პატიმართა მოლოდინები
Sexual Minorities in Georgian Prisons


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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