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Door of Kutaisi City Council Closed for Journalists
“You are breaching the law that is punishable!” representatives of Kutaisi media organization often use this phrase when applying to local government for the last year, particularly during pre-election period.
Clash in Gori District Villages
Political situation is getting tenser in Gori district. Bacchus and fists were also involved in the affair. Aggressive people apply various methods to fail meetings of Georgian Dream’s leaders in the villages. They are aggressive with journalists too. A person in Akhaldaba village initially demanded cameraman Tornike Tibilashvili from the news agency INFO 9 to stop footage and then punched him in the face. The quarrel between the supporters of opposition and ruling parties took place in the same village.

Media Monitoring of Coverage of Parliamentary Elections
By the support of International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), Human Rights Center is carrying out project Media Monitoring of Coverage of Parliamentary Elections. Within the framework of the project, Human Rights Center will monitor surreptitious political, social and paid political advertisements on following TV channels: Public Broadcaster, Imedi, Rustavi 2, Kavkasia, Maestro and 9th Channel.

Public Defender Reports 10 Journalists Were Injured in the Karaleti Incident
10 journalists were injured as a result of incident in Karaleti. The Public Defender’s Office of reported to Information Centre of Kakheti, that representatives of News Agency “INFO 9”-Tamta Iluridze, Eka Iluridze, Shorena Khabalashvili, Rezo Nadiradze and Lekso Aleksidze, journalists of the Ninth Channel Nukri Beglarashvili and Nodar Skhirtladze, representatives of TV-Company “Trialeti”-Nino Bolashvili and Mamuka Kevkhishvili and Saba Tsitsikashvili, journalist of the Information Centre of Shida Kartli are injured.

Maestro TV's Satellite Dishes Targeted in Vote-Buying Probe
Thousands of satellite dishes, which the Tbilisi-based Maestro TV was planning to hand out, was seized as part of the ongoing investigation into alleged vote-buying related to Georgian Dream opposition coalition leader Bidzina Ivanishvili, the chief prosecutor’s office said on July 11.

NDI Releases Public Opinion Survey
Those who believe that Mikheil Saakashvili should not become PM after his presidential term expires have only a slight edge over those who have opposite view with substantial number of respondents undecided, according to a new public opinion survey released on July 10.

Girl Chasing “Info-9” Team is activist of “National Movement”
“INFO 9” Journalist Tinatin Matinova was trying to get information from George Latibashvili, specialist at In Signagi district administration, but Natia Mirianashvili was chasing her with microphone and prohibited the employee of the district administration to give interview to INFO 9. This information is spread by “INFO9”.

Journalist Saba Tsitikashvili Is Placed in Hospital after Being Beaten in Karaleti Village
Head of Information Center of Shida Kartli Saba Tsitsikiashvili was beaten in Karaleti village in Gori district while performing his professional duties. Karaleti village attorney physically abused the journalist and Saba Tsitikashvili was taken to Gori hospital.

Media Coverage of Environmental Issues
 Georgian media is rarely interested in environmental protection issues and existing problems, and this interest is more of campaign character. – This kind of conclusion had been identified as a result of implemented media monitoring on Georgian media.

Journalist Filed Administrative Suit to the Minister of Interior
Journalist Gela Mtivlishvili of the Information Center of Mtskheta-Mtianeti filed administrative suit to the Minister of Internal Affairs. Journalist requests May 20, 2012 video-footage from the video-cameras installed at the entrance and reception of the Tianeti Police Office.

Sidestepping the law on social advertising
The Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) and several private TV channels have been airing advertising videos, showing and highlighting achievements and future plans of the Government of Georgia and specific government organizations in recent weeks. These ads are so-called social advertising, meaning that the organization that ordered the ad does not pay TV stations for having it shown. However, the ads in question often fail to meet the criteria of social advertising and may rather be qualified as political advertising.

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