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Editorial Office of the Newspaper “Guria News” Was Raided
On October 28, Chokhatauri office of the newspaper Guria News was raided. The members of the editorial board of the newspaper report that they found the plastic window-frames broken with stones when they arrived at the office. “The police officers arrived at the place only half an hour later,” said the founder of the newspaper Ia Mamaladze.
“Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit, for Theirs Is the Kingdom of Heaven,” Website of Gardabani District Administration Jokes
“Elect and Govern Yourself” – it was the main slogan of the municipal elections which suggested the citizens to go to polling stations. The society elected the local government but afterwards the second part of the slogan- “Govern Yourself” was removed from the agenda.
Media Transparency – Kind Will of the Government or Result of International Oppression
 After less optimistic evaluations of the international organizations the government of Georgia remembered about the media transparency.

Telavi Cable TV Stopped Broadcasting Programs of “Maestro” and “Kavkasia”
Telavi Cable TV stopped broadcasting programs of the independent TV-Companies “Maestro” and “Kavkasia. As the administration of the cable TV-Company explained, the signal received from the abovementioned TV companies was faulty and by stopping the broadcasting they protected the people from low quality production.
Vakhtang Komakhidze to present a film about August War in Geneva
 On October 14th, the next round of discussions on the security issue of Georgia will take place in Geneva. Exactly for this period, the journalist Vakhtang Komakhidze plans to present his movie that will reflect upon the real reasons of the August war. As the head of the “Former Prisoners for Human Rights” Nana Kakabadze stated to the newspaper “Resonance,” Komakhidze is already working on the film and it will be completed by the end of September.
Four Years and Six Months Imprisonment for the Suspects Convicted in the Raid on Television Company “Caucasia”
 Eight people arrested in connection with the incident occurred in the television company “Caucasia” were sentenced for four years and six months in prison by the Tbilisi City Court.
Supervision Service officials Assault Journalist
Officials from the Batumi Supervision Service physically assaulted journalist, Emzar Diasamidze. The incident took place on July 30, at the territory of the Boni market. The reason for the fighting was simply due to a request concerning job confirmation documentation. Diasamidze was taken to the police department. Police denies this fact.
“Don’t attack me or I’ll attack you!’’ Public Figure threatens the Journalists
Take this article out... don’t attack me at all, or I’ll attack you...’’ wrote Otar Kovziridze in an email to the journalist, Ilia Martkopishvili. Otar Kovziridze is an activist for the Nationalist Party and works at the Dedoplistskaro municipality government. Kovziridze assures that his words don’t include any form of threatening. Though, he can’t explain what gives him right to demand the cancellation of material posted on the journalist’s blog.
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