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Privileges on Press Are Abolished
Georgia based media sources used to have some kind privileges up to now. However, after 2007 their privileges will be abolished. As a result, many of them might cease their functioning in future.
Journalists Are Harassed In Kakheti
According to statistics, rights of independent journalists are violated particularly in Kakheti Region. Human Rights Centre announces that nearly fifteen cases of abuse involving journalists occurred in 2004 in Kakheti. In 2005, the situation worsened and not a single case out of total twenty-seven was investigated. Law enforcement bodies did not bother to investigate incidents in 2006, either.
Young Journalists from Gori Were Arrested In Tskhinvali
Several days ago, students of the Journalistic Faculty in the Gori State University, who were probates for the local newspapers, 'Kartlis Khma'(Voice of Kartli) and 'Khalkhis Gazeti' (People's Newspaper), were arrested in the streets of Tskhinvali. After a several-hour-detention, they were released safely; however, the films of their cameras were seized.
A Citizen Was Beaten in the Adjara Department of Interior Ministry
On Sunday, at 19:00 PM, investigator Davit Kordzaia beat Mamuka Askurava to force out a testimony from him. Askurava is now at hospital with concussion.
Code of Ethics Are Planned for Georgian Media
On December 19, the National Commission of Georgian Communications will discuss the proposed Broadcasters’ Ethics Code. The Code consists of 155 articles and 52 pages, and it has already caused an uproar. Broadcasters, non-governmental organizations and some politicans consider the Code to offend the principle of a free press, and they state that if the code is adopted, broadcasters will not be able to broadcast anymore.
Journalist against Public Broadcasting Company
Journalist Marika Parunashvili blames the Public Broadcasting Company (PBC) for abusing her rights. She was fired from this company over the phone. "I used to defend others all the time, and I considered it to be a part of my professional duty. However, I need to be defended because of my colleagues' lies," said Parunashvili, who was working in the Samtskhe-Javakheti office of PBC.
Telavi Authority Continues to Oppress Local TV Company
Financial police raided Telavi Based TV company ‘Tanamgzavri’, tried to arrest its director, insulted and physically assaulted employees of the company during last two years. At present, the only independent company of the district, ‘Tanamgzavri’ was left without office in Telavi. Weekly TV program ‘Dialogue’ has not been shown for two weeks now.
TV Company 'Trialeti' Canceled News Broadcasting
Shida Kartli TV-Radio Company "Trialeti' cancelled News broadcasting. News program 'Anarekli' has given up functioning since Friday. Nino Chibchiuri, the interim head of the News-Room stated on live that 'Anarekli' has stopped working for uncertain period of time.
They Threaten to Kidnap Me and To Kill My Child
Journalists are still terrorized by both former and current officials in Kakheti Region. Last week former MP Davit Kapanadze physically and verbally assaulted Mr. Ranaz Samkharadze, director of the Radio 'Hereti'. They threat him to close his radio as well as to kidnap him and kill his child.
Journalists Are Frequently Insulted In Kakheti Region
The Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre expresses concern about the recent verbal and physical assaults of journalists. We believe these violations of journalists’ rights through threats and preventing them from carrying out their professional activities are brought about by the Kakheti government’s disregard of such violations, which further promotes the impunity of offenders.
Journalist Appeals against ‘National Movement’ Telavi Branch Press-Secretary at Police Office
Yesterday Roman Kevkhishvili correspondent for Telavi TV Company ‘Tanamgzavri’ and ‘Radio Hereti’ brought suit against ‘Joint National Movement’ Telavi Branch’s press secretary and director of the ‘Chveni Gazeti’ and ‘Chveni Radio’ Nana Kibishauri at the Telavi Department of the Interior Ministry.
Why Is ‘Trialeti’ Film-Crew Dispersed
Shida Kartli TV and Radio Company ‘Trialeti’ film-crew was physically assaulted by the Governor Mikheil Kareli personal body guards on the mini playground of the village of Shindisi in the Gori Region. Besides that Mikheil Kareli’s people seized a video cassette from the journalists. Regarding the incident Sopiko Rezrichenko, head of the ‘Trialeti’ Information Service stated that they will appeal to the Shida Kartli Prosecutor’s Office against the Governor’s body guards on the 15th September.
Governor Violates Rights of ‘Lomchabuki’ Employees
The Gori Regional Governor, Nukri Papunashvili faces opposition from several employees of the newspaper ‘Lomchabuki’. The journalists have informed the ‘Human Rights information and Documentation Centre’ that they are working without any settlements or salaries.
Who Violates Journalists Rights in Zugdidi
On the 14th August at approximately 19:30 several gunshots from automatic weapons were heard in the Tsalenjikha district suburbs on the former area of the restaurant ‘Samtsatskhvi’. Later it became clear that criminal settlements took place there.
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