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Journalists Gathered to Protect Freedom of Expression
Today, Regional Media Association and network of journalists organized a protest rally in front of the parliament of Georgia. The journalists working in the regions of Georgia arrived in Tbilisi to support Adjara based independent TV Company “TV-25”.

Journalists Will Hold a Protest Rally In Front Of the Parliament
Association of regional media and journalists working in the regions of Georgia will hold a protest rally in front of the Parliament building to support TV Company TV-25 on October 21, at 1:00 pm. According to the organizers, the protest rally will be preventive. According to the spread information, non-governmental organizations will join the protests rally.

Georgian TV Report on EU-Funded Mission’s Expert
One of Georgia’s largest national TV stations, Rustavi 2, claimed in its primetime, evening news program, Kurieri, on October 7 that one of the members of group of experts contracted by EU-funded fact-finding mission into the August war, received “fee” from Russia’s state gas monopoly, Gazprom.

“Recognizing Independence of Abkhazia Could Discharge Tense Situation”
Expert of international law Otto Luchterhandt, who participated in the preparation of the report on Georgian-Russian war, spoke about the lessons learned by the war.

Disinformation: State Policy or Artificial Escalation of Ethnic Discord?
For a long time I was planning to prepare this article but having read the final report of the Secretary General of the UN I decided to offer my letter to the readers in this way. I hope I will receive some results from it and then I will not have to publish this information in the mass media.

Kubaneishvili Did not Have Right to Be Head of Competition Commission
“Sigma Plus Ltd” brought suit to the Administrative Collegium of the Tbilisi City Court against Public Broadcasting on February 27, 2009. The suitor requested to annul the results of the competition that was held in September of 2008. Although there was no legal reason for hindering the trial, the process was postponed several times artificially. Lawyers from the NGO “Article 42 of the Constitution” Meri Japaridze and Manana Kobakhidze represented “Sigma Plus Ltd” at the court.

Journalist Threatened with Rape
Ilya Martkoplishvili, the editor-in-chief of internet newspaper Kiziki accuses Soso Benashvili, the representative of the Kakheti Division of the Constitutional Security Department [“CSD”]within the Ministry of Internal Affairs of intimidation of Tamila Gurashvili, a journalist of his newspaper. Martkoplishvili claims that Soso Benashvili went to Tamila Gurashvili’s home several times and threatened that if she did not stop criticizing the Dedoplistkaro ditrict government her child would face some problems.

Giorgi Chanturia was elected the new Director-General of Georgian Public Broadcasting
The Board of Trustees elected a new Director-General of Georgian Public Broadcasting today. Giorgi Chanturia received 5 votes and was elected as the Director-General of GPB. The two other candidates did not receive any votes.

Three Candidates will compete for the position of the Director-General of the General Public Broadcasting [the “GPB”]
Today a meeting of the Georgian Public Broadcasting Board of Trustees was held. At the meeting the Board announced the names of the candidates who have moved  into the second round of the competition for the position of GPB Director-General. The 8 Board members had cast votes secretly to selectr the winners of the first round. They are Gia Chanturia, Zviad Koridze and Giorgi Kacharava.  To move into the second round the candidates must have obtained 5 or more votes of the Board members. Gia Chanturia received 6 votes, Zviad Koridze and Giorgi Kacharava – 7.

The Newspaper “Spektri” Responds to the Article of Gela Mtivlishvili
The editorial staff of the newspaper “Spektri” responded to the article of our regional correspondent Gela Mtivlishvili. The name of the article was “How Print Media is Restricted in the Regions”. The article was about the pressure the government is putting on the regional media outlets. The journalist wrote  that the government was using the method of intimidation against the critical journalists and winning them over by  offering jobs in state bodies to the editors and the staff of critical newspapers. The journalist  mentioned several newspapers including the Kakheti regional newspaper “Spektri”. Gela Mtivlishvili claimed that the journalists that worked in state bodies easily were able to get ads placed  inthe newspapers for which they continued working. This information about the newspaper caused the discontent of the editorial staff of the Spektri and they sent their response to the article. We provide it here below without any changes.

How Print Media Is Restricted in the Regions
The situation regarding the freedom of media and providing the society with impartial information in the regions of Georgia is extremely difficult. Ia Mamaladze, chairperson of the Association of the Regional Media, stated that the regional media is close to disappearing.  The regional newspaper “Imedi” in Kakheti still is closed. Student’s newspapers were closed in Batumi. The independent newspaper “Tavisupali Sitkva” (free word) was not published in Poti for four months.

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