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No Assault on Journalists in the Kakheti Region on May 21, 2008 has been Investigated
One year has passed since the snap parliamentary elections on May 21, 2008. The facts of five assaults on journalists in five election districts in Kakheti region have not investigated. Eliso Chapidze, an editor of the newspaper “Resonance” was attacked in polling station N 26 in the Sighnaghi Election District N 13 by Nodar Kapanadze and Otar Lamazoshvili who had no right to be in the polling station. The attackers twisted the hands of the journalist, seized her video-camera and physically assaulted her. Konstantine Stalinski, representative of the news website “pressa.ge”, cameramen Malkhaz Varshanidze and Irakli Goguadze were beaten in the polling station in Iormughanlo village in the Sagarejo Election District. Journalists were beaten in the Lagodekhi district too. The Chairperson of the election commission first hit the journalist with a chair and then armed people kicked him out of the polling station by a threat of using a weapon against him..

Official Beat Journalist
Zviad Khujadze , News Editor of Radio Channel Old City, blames  Gizo Tavadze, the Head of Culture Department of Kutaisi City Hall on beating him. In the interview to Human Rights Center, the journalist said that Tavadze had slapped him in the face.

Number of People Tortured by the MIA Has Increased
Period of torture and discrediting has returned in Georgia. “Government with Roses” was boasting that military coup will never happen in Georgia and nobody will ever be tortured in future. However, the myth has been destroyed - “super democratic” government has exposed its real face.

Editors of the Regional Newspapers Moved into the Authority
After the publisher and editor-in chief of the Kakheti based newspaper “Spektri” Maia Kalabegashvili was appointed as a spokesperson of the Kakheti regional governor, founder and editor-in-chief of one more regional newspaper “Progress” Leila Murakashvili joined the local authority. According to the information Kalabegashvili was lobbed by Irakli Kadagidze, head of Kakheti regional police department; as for Murakashvili, she was assisted by deputy regional governor Giorgi Sibashvili to occupy the position of the Gurjaani office of the Agency for Social Subsidies.

Levan Kubaneishvili Does Not Listen to Professionals
Public Defender Sozar Subari sent a special letter to Levan Kubaneishvili, director general of the Public Broadcasting (PB), to attend a meeting. The topic of the discussion at the meeting was the situation about the PB. Kubaneishvili did attend the meeting. Later he did not answer the phone calls of the Public Defender.
Board of the TV Company “Imedi” Oppresses Journalists
Several days ago, the journalists of the TV Company “Imedi” spread statement where they fixed May 6 as a deadline for the TV Company board to stop censorship in the company. The statement was prepared by a group of journalist. It was initiated by Tengo Mezurnishvili, chief producer of the TV Company “Imedi”. After the statement was spread, the board of the TV Station conducted so-called inner investigation and demanded Mezurnishvili to leave the channel.
Optional Justice for Journalists
We live in the country of paradoxes. If you serve the government completely, you are secure; but if you serve it only partially, you are in danger and if you say the truth, you will be hushed up. Several days ago,a very funny incident happened. The Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested a certain Nikoloz Chikhradze for sending a threatening letter to Levan Kubaneishvili, Director General of the Public Broadcasting; meanwhile, tens of journalists are threatened, kidnapped and beaten in Georgia.

Ia Antadze: “There Is a Huge Problem in the Freedom of Speech in Georgia”
Freedom of speech is guarantee of independent, civilized and democratic state. Freedom of exchanging opinions means dialogue, civil form of conversation and not mumbling the words. Freedom of speech does not discharge anyone from moral and ethic responsibilities.

Rights of Sexual Minorities in Georgia
On March 30, the non-governmental organization “Human Rights Center” organized the fifth media club in the “New Art Café” with the support of the Swiss Embassy in Georgia. Foreign diplomats, representatives of international organizations and Georgian journalists took part in the media club. The topic of the meeting was the rights of sexual minorities in Georgia and media coverage of their issues. The speakers at the media club were Paata Sabelashvili, president of the Fund “Inclusive” and Eka Aghdgomelashvili, project manager.

TV Imedi Was Scared By Topics of “Our Express”
Censorship is not main problem of Georgian media but self-censorship

Our guest is Irakli Berulava, production manager of the Internews Foundation, producer of the TV program “Our Express”; he spoke about the reasons why their TV program is not aired on Imedi TV any longer; he spoke about general problems of Georgian journalism.

Media Killers
It is bad that journalists have to write complaints about our own colleagues but it is fact that journalists corps willy-nilly has been divided into journalists and governmental journalists. This problem can be resolved but recent facts have exceeded all limits of journalistic ethic.

Head of News Room at 1st Channel Curses and Threatens Journalists
Non-governmental organization Human Rights Center blames Khatuna Berdzenishvili, head of news room at the 1st channel, for cursing and oppressing journalists. According to the statement of the center, today, on March 25, Khatuna Berdzenishvili called Gela Mtivlishvili, journalist for the on-line newspaper of the Human Rights Center, from the phone number 822 409 180 and blamed him for having spread fraud information. Berdzenishvili accused him for corruption and threatened with creating problems unless he stopped similar activities.
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