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SOS – Media in Danger
SOS – Media in Danger –journalists protested the intrusion of the head of the managing company into Maestro TV and the removal of booths following Tbilisi City Hall decision under the slogan. The rally was held at the Presidential Residence. 

Transparency International – Georgia: “Advertising Market Monopolized”
The Georgian advertising sector is characterized by a lack of competition and strong concentration of the market; the researchers of the TI-Georgia evaluated the Georgian advertising market as monopolized and suggest governmental institutions to refrain from interference in the functioning of media and advertising market.

MIA Partly Acknowledged Damage of Journalists during May 26 Dispersal
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia partly agreed with the litigation of journalists and acknowledged that they were injured and received material damage during the dispersal of May 26 protest demonstration; thus, the MIA took responsibility to reimburse their damage.

Analyze of Media Problems and Human Rights Violation Facts Related with Political Processes during Pre-Election Period
Less than one year is left before the next parliamentary elections in Georgia. On November 17, 2011 Coalition for Freedom of Choice was established by eight non-governmental organizations and two experts. The Coalition member organizations believe the monitoring of the election environment shall start now and not after the Election Day is fixed.

Editors of the Georgian Business Week Newspaper Request to Pay Salary Arrears
Former employees of the Georgian Business Week newspaper request repayment of salary debts and accuse the newspaper in ignoring Court verdict.

Erosi Beyond Maestro
The founders of the TV Company Maestro and the representative of the managing company Erosi Kitsmarishvili could not reach agreement. The negotiation had been going on for several hours on December 1st in the office of the TV Company. The Coalition for Media Advocacy played the role of a mediator in the consultations. However, organization could not manage to mediate between the conflicting sides.

Mass Media Protesting Against Auctions Announced by Tbilisi City Hall
On November 29th the representatives of mass media held a protest action in front of Tbilisi City Hall – “I read newspapers.” The ordinary citizens participated in the action along with the representatives of various media outlets and Georgian Press Association. The protestors symbolically held newspapers.

Prosecutor’s Office Does Not Investigate Oppression on Journalists
Public Defender of Georgia Giorgi Tugushi has sent two recommendations to the chief prosecutor Murtaz Zodelava this week. The Ombudsman requested the prosecutor to investigate oppression facts on journalists but the Prosecutor’s Office does not respond to any fact.

Why Did Erosi Climb Over the Fence?
Early in the morning of November 30, a leader of the Georgian Party Erosi Kitsmarishvili climbed over the fence of the TV-Company “Maestro” together with ten people and halted working of the TV-station; relatively, the broadcasting of the Maestro was suspended.

Lasha Tugushi: “There Is One Pocket Which Funds TV-Channels”
Editor-in-chief of the newspaper Resonance Lasha Tugushi works on the development of Georgian media. He participated in the preparation of about 11 draft-laws on media and part of them was already initiated at the parliament; another part is still being prepared. Lasha Tugushi told humanrights.ge that the packet of draft-laws cover a wide range of issues.

Journalist Gela Mtivlishvili Petitioned to Chief Prosecutor of Georgia
Editor of the ICK, journalist Gela Mtivlishvili petitioned to the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia Murtaz Zodelava. He sues the former Kakheti regional prosecutor Levan Sachishvili and requests to start criminal prosecution against him for having threatened the journalist.

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