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Government Offers Unequal Conditions to Retired People
The government of Georgia announced a new social initiative: retired people over 67 will receive 140 GEL as a pension from September of 2012 including 15-GEL insurance packet. The initiative was raised when the 2012 state budget was drafted and the funds necessary for the increased pensions were already reflected in it.

Soldiers Suffering from Radioactive Exposure Request Elementary Attention from the State
"After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgian military units were spontaneously deployed to the military bases abandoned by Russian soldiers in Georgian territories without having examined the bases thoroughly. Later, levels of radiation were discovered in several military units. In the 1990’s, eleven soldiers received radiation burns in one of the military units and now they are requesting attention from the government.

To Be Punished or Treated?
Shall we punish or treat them? – The question has been frequently asked in regard with drug-addicts in Georgia. The developed world has already realized that old methods of struggle against drug-addiction are useless and different, more liberal approach to the problem is urgently necessary.

Doctors VS Director
“Salary arrears; director rented out reanimobile of the hospital to his deputy’s husband who used it as a catafalque; the director instructed the personnel not to keep patients in hospital unless their conditions are not grave; deficiency of medical supply in hospital; illegal deals with insurance companies to gain main,” it is incomplete list of accusations of the doctors from Gurjaani district hospital against director Gela Orvelashvili.

The Only Income of a Disabled Person Might Be Sequestered
Everybody will show the house of Jumber Ashlarba in the so-called Abkhazian district in Batumi. A rusty iron gate leads us into the yard of a two-storied house. The house walls have never been painted; moreover, they had never been renovated either. A disabled person Jumber Ashlarba lives together with his family (wife and two daughters) in two rooms on the ground floor; the family copes with poverty.

Children Hospital #1 to be Abolished
Kurashvili Children Hospital # 1 is ready for the upcoming reconstruction activities. The first floor has been emptied from the medical equipment. The door has been removed.

Why Dolphins Die?
About one hundred dolphins have been rejected by the Black Sea on the Batumi coast for the last three years. The last rejected dolphin was observed several days ago.  The reason of the mortality among dolphins is acute virus which proves the pollution of the Black Sea as the specialists claim.

Socially Vulnerable Citizens Waiting for Insurance Policy Financing for 6 Months
Citizens below poverty line are requesting the changing of the #218 decree of government. Several socially vulnerable families addressed the Human Rights Center in Adjara. They are displeased with the waiting period for insurance service.

Statement of NGOs Regarding the Unfair and Unethical Decree of the Health Ministry
 All states are obliged to create and develop the health system oriented on quality, availability, and equality.
How should the president of Georgia be elected?
through elections (by the population) through indirect election (by the Parliament of Georgia)


Disbelief based on partiality Reality is different
In recent days, Campaign This Affects You has become more active for the society. A new slogan has appeared on the famous label
Fragile Peace in Balkans
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi


Villages of the Hopeless
I learned about healing water Dzuguri first several days ago. Having searched information, we learned that Dzuguri water is sold near the chain
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?
Triggers of Prisoners’ Mass Protests

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