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“Complaint Was Torn Off In Front of Me and They Threw Pieces At Me”
“I had to work in a very difficult situation. There was terror and since I requested the commission members explanations for the violations, they imposed two 500 GEL fines on me; of course I will appeal against those fines,” said the observer of the Human Rights Center journalist Gela Mtivlishvili in his interview with the newspaper “Resonance”. During the municipal elections of May 30, he had to work in almost every district of Kakheti region as an observer.

It Is Impossible to Ignore Video-Proofs of the Human Rights Center
Video-recordings about rigged elections and violations presented by the Human Rights Center at the special press-conference attracted the attention of the international organizations and diplomatic corps. After the video-proofs about shameful violations were spread, the Central Election Commission (CEC) ordered the Sagarejo district election commission to discuss those video-recordings. District Election Commission (DEC) decided to annul election results at two polling stations. However, on the previous day, the DEC refused the Human Rights Center to satisfy their complaints and to accept the video-proofs.
“Throw These Observers Away from Here!” Parody of Elections in Ganmukhuri
Ganmukhuri is a beautiful village located close to the administrative border with Abkhazia. Although the municipal elections were more or less calm in Samegrelo region, there was noise and disorder in Ganmukhuri village from the early morning on May 30.
Military Servants from Other Regions Voted for the Single Mandate Candidate in Rustavi at the So-called Close Polling Stations
On May 30, we were waiting for the permission to enter the polling station # 87 in Rustavi for one and half hour. It was so-called closed polling station which was located in the territory of the prison # 2 in Mshenebli Street, Rustavi.

Government Misappropriated Votes of Akhalgori District Residents
“What shall I do? If I do not go to Tserovani to mark number 5, they will take the cottage from me,” complained the resident of Akhalgori district before the municipal elections. “Unless you come and mark number 5, we will send you to Russians,” the IDPs settled in Tserovani village were told by the members of the National Movement. Representative of the Alliance for Georgia Gocha Gabrielashvili stated in his interview with the humanrights.ge that drunken member of the ruling party kicked the observer out of the PS. He said the village councilors and governors carried out election procedures in Tserovani.

“Besh-Besh” Was Still Heard in Azeri Villages
It was a bit calm in the polling station # 48 in the village of Tulari in Sagarejo district from the morning. However, in the afternoon a chain of violations started. The commission chairperson allowed several voters to take part in the elections without IDs. After I noted about the violation, the chairperson told me that it was no problem; the voter had left the ID at home and he could vote without document since he lived far from the PS.
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Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
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