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Cleaning Fee Risen the Most for the Last 5 Years
For the last several years not only the prices on the objects of primary consumption and food have risen but the communal fees as well. According to experts, the year of 2007 was the hardest as the prices of almost all the communal fees rose. However, the year of 2010 was no less hard when the water, cleaning and municipal transportation fees rose almost simultaneously.

Mikheil Saakashvili: “Prosecutor Proved By Investigation That Explosion in Tkibuli Mine Resulted From Illegal Activities of Administration”
According to the official website of the Georgian president’s administration, President Saakashvili responded to the tragedy in Mindeli Mine in Tkibuli during his visit in Armenia. He said the accident will be investigated by the international commission. The President requires punishing all those high officials, who are responsible for the security at Tkibuli mine.

Public Defender of Georgia Calls Upon the Ministry of IDPs from Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees to Give Shelter to Every IDP
The public defender of Georgia calls upon the Ministry of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia to give shelter to every IDP. According to Ombudsman Giorgi Tugushi, in the case of people displaced as a result of the armed conflict in 2008, nobody should remain without compensation which was assigned to IDPs. Instead, the recieved cottages in new settlements and adequate living conditions shall be in alternative accommodations.
Boycott With No Result
The Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) where the Georgian-Russian dossier was heard, happened without a Georgian delegation. The session discussed the humanitarian issues connected to the outcomes of war. Why did the Georgian government refused to participate in the session and how reasonable was this decision? Experts state that the position of the Georgian side is argumentative, but such a boycott will not be fruitful.
Prisoner Sentenced to 25 Year Imprisonment Breaks Silence
“I am writing this letter with fear. Before, I was afraid but now I dare to inform you about the truth,” wrote Davit Gholijashvili from prison; he has been sentenced to 25 years for importing Subotex from Amsterdam. Former security officer Levan Alelishvili was imprisoned on the same charge, but several days later he was found dead in his cell. According to the police version, he hung himself, but there is another version which alleges that he was killed. The Special Operative Department of the MIA blames Davit Gholijashvili for bringing the Subotex to Alelishvili. Gholijashvili’s health conditions have worsened and he cannot move without help.
Grandly Blenched Eyes
If we follow the terminology of the Georgian leading TV company “Rustavi 2”, 2011 started with grand concerts. The New Year concerts in Tbilisi, Batumi, and Mestia were accompanied by a several-day long grand promotion by the national TV companies. Journalists from Rustavi 2, Public Broadcasting and Imedi TV covered the concert preparations in similar telecasts.
200-2000 GEL Appendage from Kakheti Energy Distribution
The residents of village Magharo of Sighnaghi region are blaming Kakheti Energy Distribution in money extortion.  They are paying electricity fee every month but the energy distribution company imposed additional 200-2000 GEL on the subscribers, according to their statement.
Georgian “Freedom Charter” to Boost Police Powers
Georgia’s parliament is on the brink of adopting a law that will ban former KGB employees from many public positions, while strengthening the powers of the security services.
Illegally Seized Gifts from Gonio Residents
Plots were seized from 272 families in theGonio community. The local authority explained the decision by referencing the law, which forbids settlement close to the cultural monument – Gonio Fortress in this particular case.  However, as it was cleared up, only two plots were assigned in contradiction to this law in Gonio.
Scheme of Trade Redistribution in Gori
 Jemal Tsiklauri owned an agricultural market in Gori until 2004. The state registered his market under their ownership while Tsiklauri was serving prison time for cheating on the price of 9 kilos of meat despite the fact that it was one of the sellers who cheated, not him. Despite this, a criminal case has been filed against Tsiklauri, holding him responsible.
Freedom House Report
Global freedom suffered its fifth consecutive year of decline in 2010 – the influential human rights organization “Freedom House” concluded in its annual report about freedom in the world.
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