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Khoni-Martvili Bridge Blocked after Flood
Several days ago, heavy rain flooded about ten families in the village of Matkhoji in Khoni district. The plots were flooded on the river bank too. Although the population had already harvested everything, the flooded River Tskhenistskali took away 20 meters of the land; flooded central road and cars could not move for several hours.
Tax Fines Are Met With Protest by the Dealers
“This is a raid and nothing more. The Tax inspection issues fine with no excuse. It has become a rule of government. Instead of helping, they are raiding us. Every morning starts with these kinds of surprises in our country. This time we were imposed fine and nobody tells us why. They are killing us slowly, by cutting the breathe supplies,” – dealers of trade center “Gvirabi” (Tunnel) are protesting against the fines imposed on them by tax inspection.
Former Ideologist of the Patriot Camp Sends Minatory Letters to Journalist
On October 21, journalist of the Gori office of the Human Rights Center received insulting and minatory mails.  The author of the letter is the former director of the Gori theatre Lasha Jokhadze. Before 2008, he organized culture events in the patriot camps. The Human Rights Center appeals to the Shida Kartli regional prosecutor’s office to investigate the fact and punish the author of the letter in accordance to the law.
The Leaseholder Companies of the Poti Port Do not Pay Salaries to the Dismissed Employees
About 400 employees of the leaseholder companies “Prometko Georgia” and “Geesko” in Poti Port have been unsuccessfully demanding salary arrears and reemployment for several months.
Will the arrest of two Israeli businessmen in Georgia hurt economic relations?
Georgia's minister of economy and sustainable development talks to Haaretz about the future of ties with Israel.

Vera Kobalia, 29, is Georgia's minister of economy and sustainable development. Born in Sukhumi, she lived, studied and worked in Canada for 15 years. In 1999 she graduated from King George High School, and in 2004, she received a degree from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. She returned to Georgia in February, and on July 2 she was appointed to her present position. The minister of the economy and stable development of Georgia spoke about the further relations with Israeli in her interview with Haaretz. The humanrights.ge publishes the short version of the interview.
Liberalization of Visa Regime or Anti-Russian Propaganda?
According to the resolution of the president of Georgia, which was put in motion on October 13, citizens of several republics within the Russian Federation –Chechnya, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, Kabardo-Balkaria and Adigei can enter Georgian territory without visa and stay here during 90 days. Larsi border checkpoint has already received first visitors from the North Caucasus. National TV-Channels have already spread the comments of the people who are pleased with the innovation. One of them was a famous sportsman, former football player of the Tbilisi “Dinamo” Bakhva Tedeev who said that he has many friends in Georgia and similar decision will support him to visit them oftener.
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Women – victims of violence
Growing older has one more privilege besides the years-long experience – you personally participate in the change of public opinions. These changes are
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Sexual Minorities in Georgian Prisons


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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