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Citizens Are Forced to Register Their Properties
A lot of people have been visiting the Kutaisi Office of the Public Registration National Agency lately. The people try to avoid future complications about their property and want to register it soon.
Whose Is Water? (The End)
Journalist for the Human Rights Center got in touch with Vasil Maghlaferidze, the President’s Representative to the Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region to find out the situation.(here is an interview, the style is followed).
Homeless Eco-Migrants
At Adjara Supreme Council, the topic of distributing the 4 million GEL resulted in a great controversy. Opposition and one part of the majority supported the idea of spending the money on people who had become victims of natural disaster in Adjara. Finally, according to the decision of the most deputies, the funds should be spent on arranging the Adjara region infrastructure, such as painting the facades and development of the Adjara TV Company. In parallel to it nearly 500 eco-migrants are looking for shelter.
“I Know I Have Right to Life”
“I am Chichiko Davituliani. Soon I will be eighty-three and get older with one more year. Yes, it is true; I live in a wine-press. Consequently I have neither electricity nor gas. Of course I prefer to live in at least one-room flat and have meal at a table. However, it is not for me…Anyway I am grateful to God, because I was born as a human being to live in this world,” grandfather Chichiko introduced himself to me like that.
Guilty-Not-guilty and “Telephone Went Wrong”
Who has swallowed an allowance on telephone fees? Electro-communication department blames the municipality. The later is not going to pay the money. People, who have allowances on their telephone bills, have to wait when it is found out who is guilty and who is not in their problem.
What Threats Should We Expect from Military Radars Installed In Georgia
Public society is concerned about the USA statements about installation American military radars in the Caucasus. According to specialists, it cannot be allowed, because in this case Georgia will run a serious risk. We should expect the attack every moment. Giorgi Gachechiladze, the leader of the Georgia’s Greens said in his conversation with the Human Rights Centre that we would be attacked by Iran, because American campaign is committed to launch hostilities with Iran.
In First Person or Gothenburg Is a Small Town
Our visit in Sweden did not have any literature goal. Just the opposite, it was next business visit of Human Right Center’s representatives to the country - seminar was to be held on human rights and international cooperation. We were also to plan joint projects with Swedish organization.
Protest Demonstrations Replaced Performances
Employees of the Kutaisi Opera and Ballet Theatre have opposed the local government. The reason is 50 000 GEL apportioned to the theatre from the state budget. Present budget for the theatre is the fourth part of the last year one. That money is enough to pay only three-month-salary of the employees.
Women from Gurjaani Administrative Board Were Demanded to Collect Money
Recently, because of Women’s Day, ladies working at the Gurjaani Municipality have been presented with some money. They received 20, 30 or 50 lari as a present during previous years. As for this year, they received gifts according to their salaries-that was half of their monthly salary; however, the women returned 20 lari back to the Administration under the demand of the Head of the Financial-Economic Service Department.
They do not know, that they have rights
Akhlakalaki is 60 kilometers away from Akhaltsikhe. The road seems to be half-repaired, however they promise to renew road reconstruction works soon. People live with hope here. The Abuli Mountain is covered with snow. Local people have already got used to poor life and severe climate.
Deceived Workers Demand Justice (The End)
On February 9 2006, the City Court concluded that those 135 people, who were mentioned in previous two parts, really worked for “Viraji”. The Appeal Court claims the opposite. The victims cannot understand which of the court instances is mistaken and which they should trust.
Campaign “Sorry”/ “Hatamzait”
We, representatives of the Georgian Society, consider it is necessary to make this appeal and launch a campaign to bring back the trust between Georgian and Abkhazian people to life.
Old People Are Hungry in the Canteens That Were Opened with Funfair
They think that if they put a mixture of half-row potatoes and macaroni in half-boiled water, it is soup. If you behave badly, you will not get even that soup. Before elections free canteens were opened in various districts of Georgia by Nationals. The old people have started to speak up about problems in the canteens after the food has become worse.
Students Hold Demonstration In Front Of The UN Office In Zugdidi
Yesterday, students and non-governmental organization “New Generation for United Georgia” held a demonstration in front of the UN Office in Zugdidi. The students urged the UN officials to take part in the release of three students, who were detained near the village of Shamgona. Those students are Levan Ghachava, Iveria Korshia and Koba Rigvava. The Abkhazian de-facto Republic’s Special Forces detained them when they crossed the Enguri River to meet their Georgian friends in the village of Shamgona.
Deceived Workers Demand Justice (part II)
Workers say that the company offered them to pay half of their one-year-wages. The victims did not accept the offer.
A Story of a Village with One Family
“Next door neighbor, you are a glimmer of my hope,” Marine Beridze knows the proverb very well; however she has never experienced similar relationships in her life for one simple reason, she does not have a neighbor.
A Show of Independence
Since public schools became legal entities, they have been granted with total independence. The school administrations together with supervision councils should identify the school strategy; they are also in charge of fund expenditure that is allocated from the state budget.
Big Problems for a Small Village
Nobody gets surprised at goiter and various intestine diseases in the village of Enteli in the Adigeni district. It is a real story of a poor village.
Large-Scaled Protest Demonstrations Will Start in Kakheti
Subscribers blamed the JSC “Kakheti Power Distribution Company” for extorting the money from them, their blackmailing and for various violations as well. However, nobody got interested in the activities of the company. According to the local people, the reason of the indifference is the Prime-Minister Zurab Noghaideli’s interest in the company.
It Is Difficult to Protect Property
Parliamentary opposition demands to introduce amendments to the legislation. In parallel to it, they demand the parliamentary majority to establish a special investigative group, which will study the legitimacy of the deconstruction of properties. Although, governmental parties and opposition agreed upon creating the inter-faction group, the investigative activities have not been started yet.
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Disbelief based on partiality Reality is different
In recent days, Campaign This Affects You has become more active for the society. A new slogan has appeared on the famous label
Fragile Peace in Balkans
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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