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Feeble People Are Fed Only After Leaving Their Finger Prints
Old Tbilisi Administrative Board installed a special apparatus for taking finger prints in the free canteen in Leonidze Street. It means that feeble people will receive food only after they leave finger print in the canteen. The poor people consider it is a dishonest activity and they are not going to obey the order. The Administration Board does not see any reasons for panic in the situation.
Tskhinvali University Administration Threatens Students
“Revolutionary” students of the Tskhinvali University are being “kicked out” from the University. It is third-year-students’ estimation about the situation at the university. According to the board of the university, those people who finished third year will have to study during the whole summer in order to finish the fourth year at extreme speed before September.
Bread Is Main Consumer Commodity for Most Population
According to experts’ 2006 assessments, minimal salary in governmental institutions was 220 lari and in private offices it amounted to 190 lari. The living wage of a family is 175 lari. Nevertheless, consumer commodities in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region increase every year. The experts assess that the villagers’ income is over living wage.
Georgian Occupies the First Tier of Modern Slavery
American State Department published the 2007 report on World Trafficking. According to the report, Georgia has moved along with one step regarding the fight against the modern slavery and now it is on the first tier. In 2006 we were in the second tier and earlier we occupied the third one.
Will Nobody Be Punished for the Tragedy Which Ended With Death?!
Three people died in Gurjaani on the construction which was carried out through violating security norms. Tamaz Kavlashvili, Vasiko Abesadze and juvenile Imeda Sisiauri died under ruins. They were building a wine-cellar in the yard of Zurab Ferishvili, former partner of the Air Company “Georgian Airways”. Regarding the accident, criminal case was launched at the Internal Ministry’s Gurjaani Office; however, victims do not bring suit against the employer and the investigation might be dropped.
Budget of State Defense Has Increased into 442 Million Lari
Georgian Parliament has voted through the budget of the state defense which was increased into 442 million lari. Although the opposition does not vote for the budget, it could not prevent the parliament to enact the budget. The opposition demanded the transparency of the budget and wanted to be explained why defense needs such great funds. The answer was too simple-everything is transparent what must be public.
Population against Nuclear Reactor
The authority plans to build nuclear reactor in Shiraki Valley in Kakheti. Mamuka Kudava, Georgian Ambassador to France, made a statement about the initiative. According to the information, the negotiations about the construction are going on with the French Company “Areva”. The government urges the population to support the project and promises we will have positive changes in Georgian economy. As for the population, they threaten to hold protest demonstrations and to pull down the reactor if it is built up.
Abkhazia - a Territory or Population?
“Does anyone still have conscious in Georgia?” it was the question which appeared on one of the forums as soon as the Human Rights Center’s “Sorry” Campaign started to be discussed publicly. The question was asked by Abkhaz user. After the severe initial reaction, Heinrich Boell Foundation got interested in the campaign and dedicated one of its traditional discussions to the topic. On Tbilisi forum, users opposed not only the idea but the imitative of holding discussion on the topic.
“Nationality: Human” -- South Caucasus Documentary Film Festival of Peace and Human Rights
South Caucasus documentary film festival of peace and human rights- “Nationality: Human” took place in Zugdidi. During three day festival there were screened 6 recent documentary films from different parts of the world. Besides screening documentary films, festival included discussions leaded by invited experts.
Phoka is Sinking
300 family-village faces danger to appear under water. The inhabitants of village Phoka blame Municipality of Ninotsminda and central government in indifference. Some times ago natural element has added to heavy social conditions. Locals think that the government has forgotten them.
Possible Reducing of the Salaries with 25 Percent
The Georgian government presented amendments to “Tax Code” to the Parliament. According to the new amendments, two taxes – income and social taxes will be combined. If the employee was paying only an income tax of 12 percent from his/her salary and the employer was paying a social tax of 20 percent to the government, with the amendments, the employee will pay both taxes entirely The new amount of the tax will be 25 percent.
Darkened Kobuleti
“I miss for information. People steal electticity. What should they do? They have no money even for bread. Some days ago I paid 20 lari. The light was switched on yesterday,” says the World War II veteran, first group invalid, inhabitant of village Kondidi, 92 year old, Ismail Menagarashvili.
Back Entrance
The inhabitants of Didi (Big) and Patara (Little) Liakhvi do not opportunity to move freely in their own country.
“Sorry” Campaign in Akhaltsikhe
Human Rights Center’s appeal to Abkhaz people – “Sorry” campaign, caused great interest in Akhaltsikhe. Representatives of the local government and regional media talk about the campaign.
Inhabitants of villages near border leave their houses
Village Samtatskaro located on the border of Georgia and Azerbaijan faces great danger. After the blocked of the bridge, which was connected locals to historical Hereti, their living conditions are getting worse. According to statistics, from 480 families, 200 of them leaved Samtatskaro. Peasants are leaving for Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iraq to work their as slaves. The same situation is in Signagi region, village Erisimedi. Shepherds from Azerbaijan take abandoned places.
How people are informed about their rights in Zugdidi…
Human Rights Informational and Documentation Center Zugdidi office has conducted street polls. The topic of polls was the awareness of local people about human rights. The aim of the survey was to determine how informed are local residents about their rights, how do they think weather their rights are violated or not, and to which organization they apply in a case when their rights are roughly violated.
Water problems in Liakhvi Gorge
Population of Didi (Big) and Patara (Small) Laiakhvi gorge face the problem of water supply. Villages of the conflict zones now started worrying on how to water the lands that the only source of income. Hectares of plant gardens are fading. Population fear that if drought continues one more month, they might stay without harvest.
Khelvachauri Municipality Seized Plots of More Than One Thousand Families
Khelvachauri Municipality concluded that plots distributed to people between the years 1999 to 2004 were illegal. Initially, the New Rights Party, the National Forum Party and the Georgian Young Lawyers Association appealed to court against the Municipality resolution on nullifying the distribution of plots. Roin Malakmadze, the chairman of the Khelvachauri Municipality, said that all the acts were cancelled that had been adopted illegally. Murad Malakmadze, a resident of the village of Sharabidzeebi, protests the Chairman’s actions. “The plot was granted to me under the reform. I have built a house, started a farm on it, and now they say it is illegal. Do I have any fault in it?!”
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