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14 Homeless Families VS Chairperson of Community
Residents of Shartava Street # 75 in Tbilisi urge for help. The two-storied house, which belonged to 14 families, was deconstructed 3 years ago. The families rent flats before the new building is built. However, the construction has been prolonged endlessly.
Zugdidi Residents Protest Cutting Down of Trees in the Town
The trees have been actively cut down in Zugdidi for the last several weeks. It caused serious protest of the society and political parties.
In the 17th century Prince of Samegrelo Region Levan Dadiani planted many rare trees in Zugdidi. Later, Queen of Samegrelo region Ekaterine Chavchavadze (19th century) decorated her garden in Zugdidi with plants from France; Zugdidi residents are still proud of the garden. Today, the garden is in danger – several tens of hundred-year-old trees were cut down several days ago based on the order of the district administration. They planted expensive trees which were imported from abroad.
Stalin Verdict for the Statue of Stalin
Gori district municipal board hinders the publicity of the order-document on the dismantling of the Stalin’s Statue in Gori. Before June 25, the day of dismantling, the board members did not discuss the issue at all. The chairman of the board claims they had made decision on June 16. The Human Rights Center has been trying to get hold of the document since June 25 but in vain.
Human Rights Organizations for the International Day in Support of Torture Victims
“Do not Torture!” – this was the slogan of the protest demonstration organized by the Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) to celebrate the International Day in Support of Torture Victims in front of the Tbilisi Police Main Department on June 26. The Human Rights Center and the Justice and Freedom joined the demonstration.
Peasants from Kvemo Kartli Region Protest Unfair Distribution of Plots
Residents of the village of Sabirkendi in Marneuli district request fair distribution of plots among them. 67-year-old Alik Omarov said that he has been unsuccessfully seeking justice for five years. “Can one man hold the land of 300 families?! Tenant Zahir Gajiev got hold of the land illegally and does not allow us to cultivate the land to earn our living,” said Omarov at the protest demonstration on June 21.
New Wave of Reforms in Schools
The tension in Kutaisi public schools increases every day. Teachers protest the new initiative of the minister of education. “It is violation of our rights. Why do they think that teachers with only 18 working hours are valuable people for school? Finally, let them tell us that we are not necessary any longer. But they should not send us out of the street and offer new working places,” the teachers start their meetings in every public school of Kutaisi with similar discussions every day.
President’s Secret Visit in the United Arab Emirates
The administration of the president of Georgia tries to hush up the visit of the president in the United Arab Emirates and his meeting with the representatives of the company “Etisalat.” There is assumption that the main reason of the president’s visit in the Emirates was to get information about the technologies which provide the access to the confidential information from the mobile phones without special sanctions.
United Trade Union Signed Memorandum with Georgian Manganese
The employees of the Georgian Manganese Ltd in Zestaponi and Chiataura are waiting for the administration to keep their promises. Systematic negotiations were going on between the administration of the Georgian Manganese and the United Trade Union of Georgia. Several times, it was threatened to renew the protest demonstrations. The employees would have used their right of demonstration if they could not have achieved their goals through negotiations.
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