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People Complaining about Lines on the Red Bridge
The stream of people at the border of Georgia-Azerbaijan seldom decreases. The point dyed green receives and sends thousands of citizens from Azerbaijan. Despite the fact that many talk about the radically improved situation at the border points, the passengers are still experiencing problems at the Red Bridge. “Inside, where the people heading to Azerbaijani go through the checkpoint, there are two computers. Both of them are working but only one computer is occupied. Because of this, the line of citizens is waiting inside. The space is not enough there and we can’t breathe. If a citizen with a child is in the line, she’s given turn to save her from fainting. The rest of us continue waiting. They see so many people transfer, can’t they put more than one official there?!” – says Mailov, who’s going to Baku with his family.
In the Risk Zone
Since 1987, 400 people have died in Georgia from natural disasters. During the same period, about 50 thousand of families have been displaced with the status of eco-migrant. Tens of villages have been completely emptied. According to the National Agency information, more or less, all the regions of Georgia are in danger. According to specialists, with the abundance of sediments, the activation of the disastrous geological processes is expected. More than 50 villages of the region are facing danger.
Otobia – Georgian village in occupied Abkhazia
Otobaia is the bordering village of Abkhazia and the rest of Georgia, at the shore of the river Enguri. As you pass the Georgian jurisdiction zone, you will discover Otobaia. But it is not so easy now. You cannot cross the conditional border directly. First, you need to go to Zugdidi and then it is possible to cross the border by several roads and eventually you will get to Otobaia.
Public Servants – Privileged Caste
There are 212 people employed in the Ozurgeti municipality government, plus 5 more officials hired by the labor agreement. Every month, 83000 lari are spent from the local budget for taking care of these people. This amounts to 996000 lari in 12 months.
Samegrelo Region, Mestia Branch
Mestia population is protesting against the Liberty Bank. In the Mestia Branch of Liberty Bank, Samegrelo, instead of Svaneti, is written on the bank stamp.
Khevischala –20 years without electricity
 “When you pass the village Matani, there is a turn that goes up. But you will not be able to drive by car. Walking would be hard as well. It is probably more than 4 kilometers from the main road and the path is very hard,” – told us the taxi driver when we asked him to show us the way to Khevischala in Akhmeta auto station. We passed Matani, took the turn, passed several meters, crossed the river twice, but could not do it third time. It was too deep. Then we started walking, but we could not see any houses. We met a shepherd. He was resting in the shadow. He asked us: Who are you, what do you want in that village?
Residents of Ruispiri Accuse the Minister of the Environmental Protection of Indifference
The residents of the village Ruispiri, region Telavi accuse the Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of indifference. They are asking him to visit their village. Otherwise, the population will hold protest rallies at the Ministry of Environmental Protection as a form of their protest.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs will not Declare the Exact Number of the People Lost in the 2008 War
How many people were lost after the 2008 Russia-Georgia war? According to the Ministry of the Internal Affairs, only 7 people are lost. Although, the Human Rights Center journalistic investigation shows that the number of the lost people is much higher.
The Protest Rallies of the Open Market Sellers in Front of Tbilisi City Hall Taking Permanent Course
On August 16th, in front of Tbilisi City Hall, open market sellers from different places gathered. They were still asking for the right of open market trade from the Tbilisi City Hall.
Sen. McCain: Georgia Needs U.S. Support to Rebuild its Defense
Two years after the August war rebuilding Georgia’s defense, including through possible supply of anti-tank, air defense and early-warning radar systems, is one of the areas in which Tbilisi needs U.S. long-term support, U.S. Republican senator, John McCain wrote in his opinion piece published in the Washington Post on August 8.
Millions of dollars thrown into the water
27 million dollars are spent on the 24 hour constant water supply of Poti. President Saakashvili congratulated the whole country with “constant water” in the live broadcasting of several television channels and symbolically turned on a tap in one of the houses in Poti. As it was found out later, the water was streaming down from the reservoir located at the roof of the house. The Poti population is most deceived; after two years from this remarkable day the water is supplied only for a couple of hours, every second day and by the way, for the most expensive price compared to all other regions of Georgia.
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