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Father Left His Son Homeless
Avtandil Silagadze is seven-grade pupil of the Kutaisi Public School # 44 and because of poor conditions he often misses lessons. Before his parents got divorced father often drank and beat Avtandil and his mother. Finally father sold out the house his son had inherited from his grandmother; he did not even think of buying any alternative shelter for his child.
Incurred Proprietor is going to Commit Suicide in front of Parliament
Manana Macharashvili, a Signagi resident, is going to start a hunger strike in front of the Georgian Parliament and in case nobody will pay attention to her she will commit suicide. The governor of the Signagi municipality, the deputy governor of Kakheti and other officials forced Macharashvili and a businessmen to sell their commercial property in Signagi to an investor. The sale and purchase of the estate happened at midnight. Macharashvili was taken to a notary office with force and law enforcement officials made her sign away her property rights.
The Human Rights Centre Demands an Investigation into the November 7 Events
The Human Rights Centre demands the start of a criminal case against the President and the Minister of Internal Affairs. The Centre has obtained evidence indicating that the government has committed a crime. These facts are depicted in the report “One Week of Violence” issued by the Centre. The presentation of the report was held on December 19.
Radiation Promoting Disease In the Samckhe-Javakheti Region
“The majority of locals are ill with cancer. A person will be healthy but suddenly find out that he or she has cancer. Too many people are sent from our region to the oncology clinic. The population is being slowly poisoned but no one thinks of the uranium." Dialogues like this can often be overheard on the bus in the town of Abastumani-Akhalcikhe. Village residents in the mountainous Adigeni municipality are beset by a number of cardiovascular diseases and cancer and are deeply concerned about the origins of their health problems. Residents believe that the dramatic increase in illnesses is caused by uranium leakages from uncontrolled Russian stores in the Persata Mountain, resulting in extremely high levels of radiation in the area.

“Samegrelo is not a Rose Revolution Domain”
Pre-election Turmoil in Samegrelo and Totally Falsified Election Registers

Samegrelo is awaiting the presidential elections. Levan Gachechiladze and Mikhail Saakashvili, two presidential candidates, have already emerged in the districts of Samegrelo. They are being expected in Zugdidi in the near future. The appearance of the presidential candidates highlighted the issue of the so-called “dead bodies”. The constituencies of Samegrelo talk about the governmental attempt to falsify the registers. Along with this, the leaders of opposition parties and their supporters are being pressured. There are incidents of persecution and blackmail of the opposition. The pre-election period is marked by bribery and persuasion.
Flood Threatens the Chomi Population
“We have gone to sleep with fear for many years and every morning we thank God that we wake up safe and alive. We are do not know when the water can flood our homes again. Why does nobody care about us?” - 81-year-old Nodar Gabadaze from Kutaisi has been asking this question for several years now. Everyday he sees the destroyed Rioni riverbed and the river that approaches their homes.
Authority Is Blamed for Persecuting the Opponents
“District governor persecutes the members of the district electoral commissions. They are invited to the Administrative Board and demanded to work against opposition;” “Members who represent the United Opposition in Electoral Districts, have their holidays canceled; they are called back to the offices and are prevented from working in support of their candidates;” “Several electoral districts were closed for uncertain reasons. Voters cannot check their names in the electors’ lists,” similar statements are made by the representatives of the opposition political parties and NGOs who monitor pre-election campaign.
Prison Instead of Love
Mamia Pkhakadze the Chairman of the Gori Regional Court has sentenced 21 year-old Alika Tsulaia to 6-year-imprisonment, a resident of the village of Gachedili in Martivli district. Tsulaia is accused for the robbery of Konstantine Rukhadze, a taxi-driver from Kutaisi, in the incident the driver was wounded. Besides that the taxi-driver stated at the trial that the relatives of the defendant visited him and asked to change the testimony. Because of the fact the head of court indicated the following in the verdict: "Based on false testimonies made by witnesses at the trial they can be imposed criminal responsibilities on as they violated procedural norms."
Batumi Dwellers Are Disappointed with Employment Program
On December 10, part of population took turns to the employment centers from the early morning. Unexpectedly they were announced that the employment program will be implemented from February, 2008.
Employment centers opened in different districts in Batumi. The population applied to the centers according to their residential areas. Many of them took turns in the early morning.
Foti Population Protest Processing of Aluminum Oxide in Foti Port
Population has been protesting the processing of aluminum oxide, bauxite and other substances in the Foti Port for many years already. The contraversy on how harmful those substances are for the health is still too actual for the population and Foti Sea Port Ltd.
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Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi


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Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
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