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Georgia Blames Russia Federation for Ecocide during Russian-Georgian War
Last month's short term conflict over South Ossetia was a defining moment in relations between Russia, Georgia and the West. However, many are unaware of just how the Georgia-Russian war seriously damaged Georgia’s environment. On September 10 Irakli Ghvaladze, Georgian Minister of Environment and Natural Resources made a report at the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for Environment and Natural Resources. He discussed the level of damage inflicted upon Georgia’s environment and natural resources.

Teachers of Retirement Age Left to the Streets
The Georgian Ministry of Education and Science recommended that directors of public schools, “It is preferable to dismiss teachers of the retirement age.” This hard core announcement was posted on the web-site of the ministry several days ago. School Directors have already warned older teachers about their pending dismissal.

“Vast Part of Tskhinvali’s Residents Evacuated 1-Month before Battle”
“We might claim that Georgia initiated the war … but it appears at first impression more like a situation when somebody spits in your face twenty days on and finally you react by slapping that person back. Suddenly, the provocateur blames you for the overreaction and says, ‘I have only spit on you but I never hit you….”

Burned out in Batumi, Homeless vs. “Energo-Pro Georgia
A one-storied dwelling was burnt down in the village of Gantiadi that housed three families. Local authority have only allocated only one thousand GEL as compensation for those family. The owners of the house are waiting for the investigation to be finished and then they intend to make a legal appeal against the “Energo-Pro Georgia”.

Inhabitants of Karbi Village vs Russia Federation in European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg
The Red Cross Community/Society distributed burial sacks to the inhabitants of Karbi village for burying those that have been put to rest outside the village cemetery. Vasiko Tevdorashvili, the village representative stated that there are a total of 6 bodies buried throughout the village. Two out of 6 died soon after having been placed in hospital for injuries. All six were buried by villagers in yards without coffins in shallow quickly dug graves.

Abkhazian Paramilitaries Looted Ganmukhuri Village and Drive Off
The village at the Black Sea seaside has returned to ordinary life after being occupied for a period of one-month by Russian and Abkhaz forces. Abkhazian paramilitaries finally left the village of Ganmukhuri on September 9. However, their stay will be remembered by those people who had their looted and were personally threatened or insulted. Russian checkpoint still remains at the bridge linking villages of Ganmukhuri and Darcheli. The peacekeeping forces under mandate of the CIS continue their patrolling in the area where have been based for the last 14 years.

Interior Minister Coordinates Grape Harvest in Kakheti
Like last year, Vano Merabishvili, Georgian Interior Minister, coordinates the wine harvest in Kakheti. The difference is that last year Mikheil Saakashvili officially ordered him to monitor the entire process and special units patrolled in the villages all 24 hours so to prevent poor peasants from holding protest demonstrations. Special units and police are still mobilized in the villages of Kakheti during “Harvest -2008”. However, this year they are not wearing masks. Nevertheless, they again banned peasants to hold demonstration. Otherwise, they are threatened that factories would not accept their grapes and will remain without any source of income.

Public Schools Consolidated to Make Room for IDPs
The Georgian Ministry of Education has started consolidating schools in order to resolve the immediate problems facing IDPs.  Consequently several schools remain free to house the influx of IDPs from Abkhazia and South Ossetia.  Tbilisi Public School # 13 will be joined to Public School # 14. Teachers and parents are against the initiative and state that in this case children will remain in street and not attend school.

Government of Adjara Autonomous Republic Misappropriation of Adamashvilis’ House
Aleksandre Adamashvili, a resident of Kobuleti, has been requesting the authority to register his house and plot since 2005. His property was not registered on him under the project “Your Property is Yours.” In 2007 wooden house and plot of the Adamashvilis suddenly turned out to be the property of the ministry of finance and economy of Adjara Autonomous Republic.

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