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Single Mother Blames Georgian Soldier for Attempted Rape
A criminal investigation is under way on the attempted rape of the single mother with two children who lives in Akhaltsikhe. The alleged abuser and attempted rapists is claimed to be a Georgian soldier. On September 23 a young woman of 28 appealed to the Akhaltsikhe district department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Principal of Several Art Schools Threaten Teachers with Dismissal over Salary Arrears
Music School teachers in the village of Tibaani (Sighnaghi District) have not received any salary for the fourth month now and the arrears are steadily adding up.  Tamila Dzmanashvili, Sighnaghi Municipality Art and Sports School principal who is the head of Sighnaghi District music schools states that the Municipality is unable to pay to the Tibaani Music School teachers because they do not have available funds in the budget. This is not the only problem in Tibaani Musich School but other schools as well. Teachers and parents of large and impoverished families are unable to study without fees at  school in spite of governmental policy otherwise.  Tamila Dzmanashvili, head of Union of Art Schools threatened if the Tibaani Music School teachers complained to state bodies about not receiving their salaries and that she would have to dismiss them their employment at school.

Energo- Having to Pay for Electricity of Others
On October 3 2008, Georgian National Commission of Energetic Regulation discussed the temporary rules for JSC Kakheti Energy Distribution Company to estimate the consumed electricity for individual electricity meters. Despite many protests by locals and the lack of  compliance with acting Georgian  legislation, the Commission has  allowed the distribution company to use communal meters up to June 1 2009.

Kakhetian Vine Growers Accuse Government of Double-dealing and Lies
The vine growers from Kakheti region have fully evaluated the statements of Prime Minister of Georgia as lies. Moreover, the same is true with the Minister of Agriculture and the Kakheti Regional Governor on the statements about the “successful” harvest in the Kakheti Region – all liars. The truck are bottlenecked at wineries loaded with grapes, The lines in front of wine factories are so long that you can not even see where they end. The vine growers stand in the queue day and night. Peasants are crying in Kvareli, Gurjaani, Sagarejo, Telavi and Sighnaghi districts. Several of them have been trying to sell grape for several days already. Wine-factories receive the grape only from those people who are close to them.

Foreign Press during and after Russian-Georgian War

Inspiration And Danger In Georgia
By Michael Gerson
Washington Post
Wednesday, August 20, 2008;

Daniel Fried: "Georgia badly miscalculated in this crisis. President Mikheil Saakashvili believed he could quickly gobble up his breakaway provinces, just as he did in Georgia's southwest four years ago. He is a hothead who acted against American advice. "

Dismissed Public School Teachers Threaten to Protest over Illegal Lost of their Jobs
Educators’ and Scientists’ Free Trade Union of Georgia proceeds with its plans to organize a protest against the dismissal of teachers from Tbilisi Public School # 149 as well as those terminated from Dedoplistskaro Public School # 1. The trade union is planning to hold large-scaled protests if the teachers are not reinstated to their former positions. Furthermore, the union states that the teachers lost their jobs without any legal justification and in violation of the Georgian Labor Code.

Hard Times for Georgians in South Ossetia, Village of Diservi on the Edge
September 28, 2008 - South Ossetia, Tskhinvali region of Georgia, is now fully outside the jurisdiction and control of the Georgian government as the result of the war of early August 2008. On the 27th and 28th of September an American citizen, Jeffrey Silverman, working with the Human Rights Centre in Tbilisi visited villages on the divide between Gori and South Ossetian region, and crossed into the looted and burned out village of Disevi; he proceeded to take photos and interviewed several locals as to the timeline and background to the attack on their village.

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