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Arali-a Remote Village in Adigeni District
The village of Arali in the Adigeni Dsitrict is 17 kilometers away from Akhaltsikhe and 19 kilometers away from Adigeni. The village altitude is 1120 meters and is situated on the embankment of the Kvabliani River.
Patarkatsishvili’s Hard Life
Who is attacking the business activities of Badri Patarkatsishvili and why?

The spokesperson of businessman Patarkatsishvili stated that ever since TV Company “Imedi” and “Mtatsminda Park” have stopped functioning, the “Standard Bank” was next on the list. On November 24, the Georgian National Bank (GNB) appointed an interim administration for the “Standard Bank”. The owner of the bank is the US Investment Group and it is managed by “Salford Georgia”.

Ministry of Education Disregards Georgian Heroes Who Died in the Abkhazian and Samachablo Wars
Gori’s public schools have been renamed if they bear the name of a Georgian who died while fighting in the Georgian civil wars in Abkhazia and Samachablo. The schools have also been prohibited from taking such a name again. “A school shall be given the name of a secular or ecclesiastic person who worked for the defense of the homeland twenty years after his/her death,” states the March 16th, 2007, resolution signed by Kakha Lomaia, the former Minister of Education.

Oppositionist MP Was Physically Assaulted
Last night Merab Khurtsidze, a member of the Parliamentary fraction “Our Georgia”, was attacked by five strangers and they beat him. The MP said in his conversation with Medianews that the young men of about 30-35-years-old were waiting for him in front of his house when he got home by his car. He also added that he could not recognize any of the attackers. The attackers were not armed.
Workers from Sighnaghi Demand their Wages
Nearly three hundred people who were hired for the restoration of Sighnaghi demand their wages. They have been gathering in front of the district administrative building everyday this month and demand their wages. Construction company “New City” paid their one-month wages after the people appealed to journalists for help. Another construction company, “Tbilisi”, has not paid them yet
Rubbish and Transport-Main Problems for Gori District
“Long holidays” of the government and the non-governmental organizations have ended.

On November 21 the meeting between the Gori Municipality board and the non-governmental organizations was the end of the “long holiday” which those two sides had taken. Governor Zaza Chochishvili said that he would finish the split between the Administrative Board and civil society which has existed since 2004.

Firewood is Inaccessible for People Living near the Forest
Three months ago it started to become cold in Abastumani, a resort town. The population remained without firewood all this time. They have to collect the firewood in the snow. The reason for this is that the assigned amounts of firewood for each family can only be found in remote places. In addition the distribution of vouchers for firewood was late this year.
Police Revenges the Leaders of Youth Movement
Dachi Tsaguria, leader of the “Youth Front” was accused for parking a car in a wrong place during the demonstration on November 25. 

On November 25 the peaceful demonstration organized by the United Opposition in the area of Rike in Tbilisi center did not finish peacefully for every demonstrator. Twenty-five-year-old Dachi Tsaguria was pushed into a police car. His car was taken to an impound lot and the young man was tested on drugs. Dachi Tsaguria is grateful to the representatives of the Public Defender’s office who supported him to rescue the grave punishment. Tsaguria considers that unless those people had involved his case, the events would have had more dramatic ending.

“Minor Hooliganism” in Batumi
“The Police excuse themselves, saying they had nothing to do with it or that they had received orders from higher powers.”
Several incidents at Batumi State University on November 8th have led to the Batumi Civil Court discussing six cases of “minor hooliganism.” The Human Rights Center investigates.
African Pig Fever Reigns in Zugdidi District
Dozens of pigs in the village of Akhalsofeli in the Zugdidi District have died from African fever, also known as Montgomery’s Disease, in the past five days. Locals are trying to fight against the disease with their own resources. They dig graves near the forest and bury the diseased pigs there. The total damage amount is large and methods of fighting against the virus are minimal. The government’s solution to the problem is to kill all healthy and diseased domestic animals. The population, however, does not appreciate the idea of killing the animals, but recognize that the danger is gradually increasing. As of June 27th, 2007, 2,847 pigs had died in Zugdidi district and 9,461 pigs had died in the whole of the Samegrelo Zemo-Svaneti region.
Kutaisi Is Under Construction
In six months Kutaisi will be a “European” city, a promise that excites only the government. Several days ago, the central area of the city was blocked by the Georgian President’s stage and podium-delivered from Sighnaghi- where President Saakashvili made promises to local people. The concert finished and the residents of Kutaisi faced a new problem.
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