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Money Trap for Money Collectors
Several villages of Gori District request installing individual electric meters. People say that it is impossible to calculate their bills according to communal meters. The collectors use the advantage of the situation and make people pay more money than they use.
“Everything Cannot Be Settled By Breaking in and Shooting”
Irakli Batiashvili said that he was one of the first political prisoners of Mikheil Saakashvili’s government. He was accused for plotting against the constitutional government. He faced 24-year-imprisonment. The Prosecutor’s Office had single evidence against him; it was a secret recording of over-phone conversation. Irakli Batiashvili was pardoned after the presidential elections. However, he thinks that he was not pardoned because of government’s generosity, but because the society made the governmental officials to see their mistakes. He left the detention setting several days ago and the Human Rights Center represents the interview with him.  

What Became the Reason for the Resignation of Shida Kartli Regional Governor?-Protecting “Trialeti TV” or Unsustainable Victory of Mikheil Saakashvili in Presidential Elections?
Lado Gegelashvili was appointed to the position of the Shida Kartli Regional Governor three months ago. Many questions emerged during this period and the most important of them was what is the future of those people who lost their properties with the hard effort of former Regional Governor, Kareli and former Defense Minister, Okruashvili; why are painting of facades and setting up fountains still priorities of the local authority?
Fight for Positions and Neglected People
Regional governors of Georgia will be changed in the nearest future. Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili announced about up-coming changes several days ago. Nino Burjanadze, the Chairwoman of the Georgian Parliament, stated that local authorities will also be amended.

It Took Only 13 Seconds to Vote at Sagarejo Polling Stations
OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission published an Interim Report on the Georgian Snap Presidential Elections on January 5. Many violations are revealed in the report. Counting of the votes and compellation of final protocols was assessed as “bad” and “very bad”. Observers from the mission claim that they have witnessed how the protocols were tempered alongside many other violations.
“Shinny New Meters” brings more troubles
The extended and almost never-ending period of darkened houses and dark streets is over in Georgia. It is a period in Georgian history that people want to forget. Flats were cold, gas and fuel to cook was in short supply and life was miserable.  Poor Georgians went to the street to protest and at least the fires they set in the street were sources to warm their bones and diminished spirits. At least now there is a constant supply of electricity but there are still many problems.
Most Election Protocols from Javakheti and Kvemo Kartli Regions Are Flawed
On January 21st the public movement “Multinational Georgia” presented CDs where falsified protocols from the Presidential Election were recorded on.
MPs Elected by Majority System Do Not Feel Responsibile to Their Voters
According to the initial information, the Parliamentary Elections of 2008 will be held in May. Nino Burdjanadze, chairwoman of the Georgian Parliament, stated that the list of MPs will be transformed and representatives of the society will be more professional. Currently Kakheti region has twelve representatives in the Georgian Parliament but in the future there might be only one MP from the region.

Tunnel Is Being Built, but Houses Are Being Destroyed
“I took hens out of the hen-house and I entered there to live. Initially I slept in the car; but I could not stand the cold there. Now I live in the hen-house,” said Rezo Bagrationi, (a royal surname of Georgia) a retired person. The house of Bagrationi is so damaged that he cannot stay inside like all his neighbors. Other members of his five-member-family live at their relatives’.

Guests of Free Canteen
Increased pension can not ease the life of socially excluded people. Most of them are still having their meal in free canteens. But because of small budget places are limited in them too.
Model Houses in the Entry of Zugdidi
According to the direction of the President of Georgia dated by November 7, 2007 the Georgian Ministry of Finance has apportioned 560 000 lari from the President’s Reserve Fund to repair and paint facades of the houses in one part of Davit Agmashenebeli Avenue, situated at the entrance to Zugdidi. About 155 houses have been repaired on Agmashenebeli Av. since December 10, 2007 up to now. The inhabitants of Zugdidi are curious: Why have they chosen exactly these houses to repair?
Human Trafficking Is Still Urgent Problem
Human trafficking in Georgia like all over the world is urgent problem. Although many measures were taken to eradicate the problem during recent years, it is still important to speak about trafficking. Thus, on January 17 the Public Defender’s Office held a meeting to discus the problem.
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They wait for me in Abkhazia
Last time, I visited Abkhazia five years ago. Since then, not a day goes by without thinking about it, without missing the Abkhazian
Another proposal on agreement
Women – victims of violence


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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