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Gori District Administration Is Not Eager To Accept Notifications
On November 27 Human Rights Center was not allowed to hand in notification at the Gori district administration. The center appeals to the Public Defender with complaint and corresponding evidence.

Attempts to remove gravestones ends with scandal and recriminations
The situation became tensed about the Church of St. Norashen located in Leselidze str. in Tbilisi. There are two churches in one yard – Church of St. Norashen and Orthodox Church of Cross Father. On November 16, father Tariel (Sikinchelashvili), the clergyman of the Orthodox Church intended to remove the gravestones of two Armenian Patrons in the yard that resulted in a great uproar.

Impoverished families Unable to Qualify for State Poverty Reduction Allowance
The package of social allowances will be increased to 169 million GEL for the 2009 draft budget. Georgian government submitted the draft to the Georgian Parliament for discussion. Official information indicates that the number of impoverished people in Georgia will reach 900 thousand people this year. 400 thousand of them will receive family allowance (30 GEL) and 24 GEL for each member of the family, an increase from the current 12 GEL. 200 thousand beneficiaries will receive 20+16 GEL and 300 thousand will receive 10+8 GEL. Moreover, 900 thousand people living below the poverty level will be insured. Despite this information, the Agency of Social Subsidies is discontinuing allowances from impoverished families.

Is there evidence that Georgian Government committed war crimes?
President Mikheil Saakashvili and the Georgian Government used cluster bombs, a weapon banned by almost every other country under international Conventions, which both Georgia and Russia have not signed, on their own citizens and territory during the Georgian-Russian war of early August. Not merely in South Ossetia, as they themselves have admitted, but in what is now called ‘Georgia proper,’ the area OUTSIDE South Ossetia and Abkhazia which everyone acknowledges as Georgian. Human Rights Watch has also investigated this matter and their findings support the evidence that we discovered in the Georgian village of Brosleti, located in what was then the Russian-controlled buffer zone, as published in the Georgian Times and the Human Rights Center. However, the main focus of our conclusions is based upon HRW’s detailed investigation.

Those in Khelvachauri District Constantly Face Landslide Zone
The family of Chkhubadzes, the inhabitants of Khelvachauri District is demanding that their house and yard were examined by professional geologists. They live in landslide zone and try not to spend nights at home during periods of bad weather. The family considers that their house is dangerous to their personal safety because of its location.

Nugzar Sulashvili, Trafficking Fighter is Trafficker?
Nugzar Sulashvili sought political asylum in France four years ago. However, he has not been granted received refugee status. Sulashvili was director of Georgia based organization that fought against human trafficking in Georgia. France refuses to grant the status based on most strange information that claims that Nugzar Sulashvili himself has actually been involved in human trafficking. Sulashvili requests to investigate his case and grant status of political refugees. www.humanrights.ge was able to in get touch with Sulashvili in France.

Illegally Sealed Up Petrol Station
Zurab Monaselidze, a Georgian businessperson has had his chain of petrol station illegally sealed u by tax inspectors.  The actual reason for the action was interest of a large investment company which is protected by official structures in the land that his station was located.

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