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Reasons Why Gori District’s Local Budget is not transparent.
The Human Rights Centre draws its attention to the faults of the efficient work of the local Gori self-government. Although the Supervision Institution of Self-governments and the Regional Governor promised absolute transparency in the district budget, lack of transparency still plagues the local government.

Residential House That Turned into “Asylum”

Adigeni starts from the Meskheti Street, five families live in the first two-storied residential building in the street. “All widow and impoverished people live here,” said residents of the building. Adigeni inhabitants call it asylum for homeless people. Locals recall the construction process of the building: “The building was built when soviet governments organized mass cleaning days on Saturdays and employed everybody who was in the street. The “builders” had no idea how to construct the house…”
Kindergarten Nurses Petition Georgian President and Ministry of Education
Nurses of kindergartens in the Zugdidi region petitioned the Georgian president, the Minister of Education and Science two years ago. All three requests were related to introduction of amendments to the Georgian Organic Law about Local Government. The Zugdidi branch of the Independent Trade Union of Education and Scientific Activists continues to demand the authority kindergartens to be assigned again to the Georgian Ministry of Education. 
Short Supply of President’s Tractors and Fuel Vouchers
Villagers have started land preparation and cultivation in spite of the fact that most peasants in Akhaltiskhe district have not received their promised fuel vouchers as yet. Many in the district have not had the opportunity to access the farm tractors presented by the Ministry of Agriculture for their district.

Website in Four Languages: for Georgian and Abkhazian Users
www.apsni.org already exists

“We must admit to our mistakes,” is the main message of the Sorry Campaign that has been initiated by the Human Rights Centre. On April 19 Georgian-Abkhazian website and a hard copy newspaper was presented at the gallery “Kopala” as PR for the peace and resolution initiative.  Although only a short time has passed since the presentation, it has already caused some serious outcome as the first reactions are being voiced.
Living Homeless in the Expectation of the President’s Resolution
The Jabauris family has been requesting the state to provide accommodation to and this unanswered request has for been going on for the last eleven years. Although every three member of the family are unemployed, and the twelve-year-old Tornike needs an urgent operation, the government still cannot give the least amount of hope to the family. 
The Rights of Taxpayers Violated in Georgia
“Two things in life a person can’t escape – death and taxes,”- the author of these words is one of the founding fathers of American democracy, Benjamin Franklin.  “I know that I must pay taxes and I pay, but unfortunately, it is not enough and that as a taxpayer my rights are not protected in this country,” these words belong to a Georgian businessperson.

Heating up of Conflict between Gori District Village School Principals and Teachers
The statement of Georgian President shows his discontent with the current system of electing school principals by so called “lottery” and the exceptions to this practice has created resonance in Georgian regions. When the president’s thinking about the system of electing principals was made pubic many teachers working in villages of the Gori district openly started criticizing the principals that were selected by the draw of the lot. The collective baggage of grief, humiliation, insult, strife caused by disagreements over human resource decision other related problems in school administrations began to boil, these were kept at a lower temperature for 3-4 years but they have finally heated-up. Teachers attributed the lion’s share of their problems to the reforms that were carried out by Kakha Lomaia, the former Georgian Minister of Education.

Khobi Residents Demand Tsotne Dadiani., Georgian Saint to be Unwrapped
Georgians could have never imagined that that so many years after his death that they would be demanding the release of Tsotne Dadiani, their historical hero, and later enshrined as a saint, especially in 21st Century. Residents of Khobi are now demanding the tape wrapped around the statue of Tsotne Dadiani, which is in the centre of the town, be removed.  The government wrapped the statue of the Georgian Saint last year as it was still a work in progress.

City Hall Takes Longer for Registering Private Property
Everybody must have watched PR advertisements where smiling citizens are simply saying, “all within one month period of time,” … how they can legally registered their lands and how everybody is so grateful. All one has to do is apply to city authorities for fulfilling its function. However, the situation is at odd with the reality. The situation that people face in the process is entirely different and often times very time consuming.

Abkhazia-REAL Politics or Populist Rhetoric
When the Minister of Foreign Affairs of de-facto Abkhazia first appeared in Tbilisi in front of media back in 2006 he was positive. Sergey Shamba even took a stroll down the upbeat Shardeni Street. At the time Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili was making statements from Senaki military base along with the Minister of Defense. Experts who are the closest to the problem and who have been working on how to resolve the Abkhazian-Georgian conflict recount the rhetoric, and they consider it to be a typical example of populism … and not the kind of carefully considered statements that moves the politics towards Abkhazia in a proper direction..

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