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The Librarians Request to Rescue Books
If you should enter Kobuleti Library, named after Gulo-Aga Kaikatsishvili, you will see soon see cellophane over the windows instead of the glass, and a curtain that serves the function of a door leading to the book shelves. The library has 20, 000 books in its collection. However, librarians as well as the readers are concerned; they have even requested government to save the books and reconstruct the library building.

Diary of Pre-election Terror
Representatives of the opposition parties blame the government for blatant repression. They claim that the ruling political party, with the support of its activists, and a network of law enforcers and administrative employees are openly oppressing supporters of opposition political parties. Non-governmental organizations claim that the worst situation is in Kakehti region of East Georgia.

Duisi Resident Has Disappeared
Relatives of Davit Gaurgashvili, a resident of the village of Duisi in the Pankisi Valley applied to the Human Rights Center for help. Davit Gaurgashvili has been missing for eleven days already. On April 26 he arrived in Tbilisi by mini-bus and intended to travel to Rustavi. Gaurgashvili was last seen at the Isani Auto Station.

Member of National Movement Seeks Closure of Newspaper
Marina Utiashvili, member of the United National Movement, initiated to close down Kakheti based regional newspaper “Imedi”. The representative of the leading party officially stated that the newspaper is one that is always looking for violations and it should not exist.

Khashuri Locals Complain: Poor Sewage System
People are afraid to say a word when they meet the Minister.

“Great Investment Environment,” it was assessment made by the government in Khashuri where residential buildings were painted and roofs were repaired in keeping with the times. “We will repair roofs, and then supply the building with gas, then we will paint it and everything will be smooth,” said chairperson of the Khashuri District Municipality Board during his meeting with the residents of Stalini Street # 32. He tried to avoid the meeting of the discontent people with regional governor and Davit Tkeshelashvili, the Minister of Regional Management.

Why Destroy Karaleti Forest?
The vast forest in the village of Karaleti in Gori District has been permanently destroyed. Locals are protesting over the incident and they claim the state does not pay least attention to the 350 hectares of pristine forest.

Prosecutors are Regional Governors in Police State
Imereti region has new governor. Davit Tkeshelashvili, the State Minister for Regional Management, who is now introduced as Western Georgia’s Prosecutor and new Regional Governor. The predictions of Kutaisi residents have become true, especially with the de-facto situation that was legally registered by the central government.

Reasons Why Gori District’s Local Budget is not transparent.
The Human Rights Centre draws its attention to the faults of the efficient work of the local Gori self-government. Although the Supervision Institution of Self-governments and the Regional Governor promised absolute transparency in the district budget, lack of transparency still plagues the local government.

Residential House That Turned into “Asylum”

Adigeni starts from the Meskheti Street, five families live in the first two-storied residential building in the street. “All widow and impoverished people live here,” said residents of the building. Adigeni inhabitants call it asylum for homeless people. Locals recall the construction process of the building: “The building was built when soviet governments organized mass cleaning days on Saturdays and employed everybody who was in the street. The “builders” had no idea how to construct the house…”
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Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
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