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Twelve Families living in the Village of Peria Face Danger of Staying Homeless
The territory is on sale for the building of cableways and for the development of infrastructure

Twelve families, residents of a building on a former military base, have already been warned to leave their current accommodations. The residents urge for shelters. The Ministry of Finance and Economics of The Adjara Autonomous Republic do not state that they will provide the residents with alternative accommodations after the building is sold.

Georgian Dancers Were Kept in Isolator for 35 Hours in the Ukraine
Several days ago, in the Ukraine, members of the State Choreographic Ensemble “Gurjaani” were detained at the Custom-House at Mostinska Railway Station. The dancers were travelling to Polish city of Kotovitsa under official invitation of Polish Firm “Kolumbo”. Ukrainian custom officials detained the members of the ensemble for 35 hours; six members of the group were underage children. The dancers were arbitrarily detained and were not allowed to leave the isolator. According to the dancers, Ukrainian law enforcers called them bandits and threatened with liquidation if they did not obey their demands.

Criminal Situation in Kakheti Region Has Worsened
The criminal situation in Kakheti region has worsened seriously. According to our information, from January 1 to March 20 of 2009 the number of grave crimes has increased in the region. Despite that, Kakheti main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs state that the number of crimes has reduced in comparison with last year; besides that, the number of resolved crimes is increased too. However, neither the department nor the ministry release statistic data on interested people though they are obliged to preserve transparency of the information. It must be pointed out that several victims, who applied to district police stations, were refused to start investigation on their appeals.

Newspaper “Batumelebi” VS Adjara Prosecutor’s Office
“Hei girl, how do you dare to do that … We will put you in the cell…”

Newspaper “Batumelebi” is going to sue against the reply of the Prosecutor’s Office of Adjara Autonomous Republic. In its reply prosecutor stated that nobody had breached the law in regard with Natia Rokva, correspondent of the newspaper. The Prosecutor’s Office made the statement without having interrogated the journalist.

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Invisible Enemy
The New 2020 Year had just started and the world received an unbelievable news –the deadly virus, which first appeared in Wuhan Province
There will be no apocalypses
Impact of the emergency situation on the upcoming parliamentary elections


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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