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Georgian Police Raid Opposition Tent Camp
Georgian Police Arrest Activists, Raid Opposition Tent Camp Outside Presidential Residence

(AP)  Masked Georgian police ransacked an opposition tent camp outside the presidential residence Friday and arrested six activists, witnesses and opposition leaders said.

Clan of Deputy Regional Governor in Kakheti
Deputy regional governor who is fond of scandals states “Let those people condemn me who are more decent than I am”

In Kakheti region only relatives, family members, friends or close people of Giorgi Sibashvili, deputy regional governor are employed at public agencies. Lately, the HR policy of the deputy governor has influenced the public schools, the district offices of the Agency of Social Subsidies and private companies too. When commenting on the below-mentioned facts, the vice-governor said he is ready to fight; however, we are doing our professional job.

International Crisis Group Is Concerned About the Vetoed UN Peace Mission in Georgia
Influential international organization “International Crisis Group”, which carries out its missions in five continents and its priority is conflict prevention, prepared a report on vetoed observing missions of UN and OSCE in conflict zones of Georgia and considers that it might end in escalation of the situation. The full report is available on the website of the international organization.

Dismissal Before Labor Agreement Expires
Fired IDP tries to restore justice through court

IDP Nikoloz Garganjia worked at the Adjara branch of Energo-Pro Georgia since it was founded. He had agreement signed until February 2010 but on May 28, 2009 he was fired because his health conditions were not compliable to his duties. Article 37 - “d” and Article 38 Part I and III of the Labor Code of Georgia are mentioned in the decision on his dismissal.

Members of Alliance for Georgia Are Persecuted on Political Grounds
Ten members of the Alliance for Georgia have been detained in different regions of Georgia during the last four days. Tina Khidasheli, the leader of the Republic Party which is a member of the Alliance, provided the information. According to her, members of the Alliance in regional offices in Chokhatauri, Lanchkhuti, Tkibuli, Chiatura, Adigeni, Gori and Tbilisi districts were arrested. Khidasheli stated it once more demonstrates that the government continues the persecution of people on political grounds that will lead the country to serious confrontation.

Police Disperses Demonstrators
The government used force against participants of peaceful rallies in Tbilisi who requested resignation of Saakashvili. Supposedly, many people were injured. The Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed the clash between the law enforcers and demonstrators.

Law Enforcers Did not Accept the Appeals of the Mothers of Detainees
On May 16, 2009 mothers of the detainees organized a protest demonstration close to the Tbilisi Police Main Department. They decided to write an appeal to Valeri Kakauridze, head of temporary detention setting N 2. The mothers expressed their concern about the health conditions of their sons and requested the law enforcers to take the detainees to hospitals. The female demonstrators were concerned because they were not informed about the health conditions of their sons.

Post-Feudalism In Adjara
How Varshalomidzes Got Hold of A Three Story House

Lela Abesadze lived on the third floor of the three story house in Baratashvili Street N 20, Batumi since 1985. She purchased the one-room flat from a private owner. Neither Abesadze nor other residents of the building had any problems before Levan Varshalomidze was appointed as the chairperson of the government of the Adjara Autonomous Republic. His father Guram Varshalomidze lives in the same building.

Teachers Are Persecuted on Political Grounds in Regions
In accordance to the Constitution of Georgia and international acts a person shall not be intimidated on political rounds. Nevertheless, district and regional governmental officials, single mandate MPs force teachers and personnel of public schools to write resignation letters and fire them if their political views are not acceptable for the authority. The governmental officials then employ their close people on the vacant places.
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