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School Directors Are Forbidden to Give Interview to Journalists
Directors of public schools cannot make comments with journalists unless they agree the issue with the press-center of the Ministry of Education. On January 21, minister of education and science Dimitri Shashkin stated in the TV-program “Dialogue with Davit Paichadze” that based on his resolution directors of public schools cannot give interview to journalists unless they agree the issue with the press-center of the ministry of education.

In the View of Budget Transparency Georgia Is Among Semi-Transparent Countries
Organization International Budget Partnership published results of its survey in transparency of state budgets. Georgia was granted with 53 points among 85 states. Georgia is back than Korea, Peru, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, etc.

Human Rights Watch Reminded the Government of Georgia Its Responsibility for the Conflict in August 2008
The Human Rights Center publishes the part of 2009 Report of the Human Rights Watch which is about Georgia. The report strictly criticizes the government of Georgia which did not investigate the facts of breached constitutional rights of demonstrators on November 7, 2007 and in April-June of 2009. The organization also discusses Russian-Georgian conflict and states that Georgia shall investigate violation of its responsibility for artillery attack on civilians in Tskhinvali and for other military attacks.

Labor Code Does not Defend Rights of the Employed People
Number of arguments about labor agreements has increased at Kutaisi City Court. This fact is directly connected with the Labor Code of Georgia, as lawyers clarify. “We have discriminative Labor Code in Georgia which does not protect rights of the employed people,” said lawyers of the Kutaisi office of the Young Lawyers Association of Georgia. They clarify that the amendments, recently introduced to several laws of Georgia, should have dealt initially with the Labor Code.

Population Requests to Clean Area of Former Warehouse of Pesticides
Residents of the village of Sakobo in Sighnaghi district request to clean the territory of former warehouse of pesticides. Within the grant of the Dutch international organization outdated pesticides were withdrawn from the warehouse; part of the territory has turned into swamp. Locals state the situation is particularly unbearable in summer when the water stinks in the channels. During rains, the water flows into Alazani irrigation channel from the swamp.

Workers Are Ordered to Clean Territory of “Memorial to Victory” Day and Night
More than once month has passed after the explosion of the Memorial to Victory in Kutaisi. The explosion resulted into a tragedy and the government of Georgia promised to investigate the incident and punish offenders in accordance to the law. According to current information, criminal investigation was launched on the fact and law enforcement officers initially arrested head of Sakpetkmrestvi Ltd Avtandil Darsavelidze and then two representatives of the Ltd.

Lecturer of Telavi University Was Fired because of Different Opinion
Former lecturer of the Telavi State University Eldino Jangulashvili blames the academician council of the university in her persecution for different opinion. Before firing, Eldino Jangulashvili blamed the university administration in corruption. In parallel to her activities at the university, she worked at the local non-governmental organization. Jangulashvili spoke about corruption and clan government of the university several times.

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