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Movement Is Dangerous In European Sighnaghi
“Sighnaghi is the most beautiful city in Europe. Neither Chinese, nor Americans, nor Turkish people can build the houses so fast, with such a high quality and enthusiasm, like we did it”, stated president Mikheil Saakashvili at the pompous presentation of renovated Sighnaghi. A year and a half later, in Sighnaghi, residential houses in several streets of the city are pulling down. Reconstructed balconies have the paints removed and need repeated repair-works. Moving around the city is life threatening because of poorly done work by the construction companies, electricity wires in Sarajishvili and Chavchavadze streets are scattered on the streets and they can kill a person at any moment.

Amnesty International Exposed Georgia in Purchase of Tools of Torture
European companies are participating in the global trade in types of equipment widely used in torture or other ill-treatment, according to evidence presented in a new report by Amnesty International and the Omega Research Foundation released on March 16. In the full version of the report Georgia is also mentioned. More precisely, the report states that Georgia purchased torture tools from Germany and Czech Republic.

Sex show Scandalises Georgia
TBILISI (Georgia) - WEARING a tight red dress and leaning suggestively over a chair, Shorena Begashvili gazed into the camera and said in a husky voice: 'Today we're going to talk about the sounds people make when having sex.'

Georgia Mounts American PR Campaign
George W. Bush once celebrated Mikhail Saakasvili, but President Barack Obama has given him the cold shoulder. Now the Georgian president is seeking to polish his image in the United States through an expensive Washington PR firm and by promoting the development of a Hollywood film starring Andy Garcia and Val Kilmer.

Despite Natural Disaster, Government Reduced Funding of Bank-Reconstruction Activities 5 Times
From March 13 to March 17, natural disaster caused damage of 1 455 000 GEL in Kakheti. In autumn of 2009, the damage of the natural disaster amounted to 9 million GEL. According to environmentalists, in 2010 elemental geological processes will become very active after high humidity in Kakheti region. More than 50 villages in the region are in danger. Despite the dangerous situation, the government, in comparison with last year, reduced funds for the bank-reconstruction activities from 9 million to 1, 800 000 GEL.

Editor-in-Chief of the Newspaper “Chance” Requests Ianukovich Political Shelter for His Family
Last Saturday, the founder and editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Chance” Bondo Kurdadze left Georgia together with his wife and three children. He spoke about the reasons of leaving the country on the phone with presa.ge. He is in Kiev now. On March 19, he requested political shelter to the president of the Ukraine officially and through media-sources. He requested political shelter for his family members from the European states too.

MIA – Raider of Local Self-Governments
Police is intensively funded from the central budget. Nevertheless, it is increasingly funded from the local budgets too. We tried to find out why the police needs additional “local” funds and what the funds were wasted for during last two years (2008-2009).

City With Plenty of Problems Starts Preparation Activities for New Year in August
Kutaisi local budget for 2010, completely different from the previous one, became topic of serious discussion and critic soon after it was approved. Representatives of the opposition parties state local government approved it in unserious situation without any discussion. The NGO sector also joins the accusation.

“When President Was Speaking on TV, I Went Out and Looked Around Wondering Whether I Lived in Different Country or Not”
I visit Dvani village at least twice per month. In Prone Valley this Georgian village is a kind of an enclave in the territory mostly inhabited by ethnic Ossetian people. Representatives of international organizations think that traveling to Dvani is dangerous. The visits of journalists is a relief for locals. “Have you brought magazines, haven’t you?” they are asking me immediately. Some of them start reading the newspapers I bring straight in the street; others hide them in the pocket to read at home.

Kvareli Is Threatened with Burying
Ecological disaster is expected in Duruji Ravine in Kvareli. Specialists say the situation is alarming. They have been predicting the disaster for many years but nobody pays attention to them.

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Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi
I have been observing elections since 2003. I have not missed any elections, though I had to miss it as a voter because
Seal without Carve and Voter with Two Names in Guria
First Time as an Observer


Triggers of Prisoners’ Mass Protests
Recently, protest of Geguti prison inmates was one of the most urgent topics in Georgian media. Hundreds of prisoners used different forms of
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