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Dust-Woman Claims Labor Teacher Was Hitting Axe on Her
Former teacher of public school in the village of Kveda Sakari in Zestaponi district Zaal Chichinadze have been requesting to be re-employed at school for several months already. He claims that the school director fired him without grounds. However, teachers of the school categorically oppose his re-employment. Dust-woman of the school made a testimony against him: “Zaal Chichinadze rushed into the room with an axe in his hand; he was cursing me; he had crazy face and threatened me with death unless I left the area. After that, he revenged himself upon a piano and nailed it on the floor.

What Can Threat Teachers during Testing?
Before former minister of education and science of Georgia Nika Gvaramia resigned and went abroad for education, on December 4, 2009 issued a resolution N 1101 on “Certifying Teachers and Approving Models of Certificates”. Head of Free Trade Union of Teachers and Scientists Manana Ghurchumelidze stated that the resolution of the minister breaches the rights of teachers.

Opposition Received Promises from the USA
After the visit of the chairman of the Venice Commission Gianni Buquicchio and commission members Georgia received honorable guests from the USA. On February 5, Deputy US State Secretary James Steinberg and assistant to the US State Secretary for Europe and Eurasian Affairs Philip Gordon spent much time on their meeting with the opposition parties though their visit lasted only several hours. Opposition representatives are pleasant with the meeting results and think that similar attention from the US high-ranking officials is not accidental.

Prognosis of US Intelligence: “In 2010 Bloodshed in South Caucasus Will Be Main Threat for the EU”
Last week, two high-ranking officials in the USA made interesting statements about Georgia at various times and on various topics. Director of the US Intelligence stated that Georgia is a threat for Europe. Assistant to the US State Secretary Philip Croul stated that anti-rocket defense elements shall be located in the Black Sea area. 

Employee Fired from City Hall Could not Find Justice
Case of Svetlana Zakarashvili, former employee of the financial department of the Kutaisi City Hall, was discussed by almost every instance of court. On May 20, 2008 Supreme Court of Georgia decided to annul the judgment of Kutaisi Appeal Court and case was sent back to the same court for re-discussion.

One More Construction Dictated by “National Movement”
In spring of 2010 so-called tower will be opened in Batumi construction of which will cost 29 million GEL. Families living next to the huge building protest the construction. Only several centimeters are left between their houses and the tower and it will damage their living conditions. Representatives of the Batumi Architecture department state that there is no violation in the construction.

Venice Commission Reprimanded the Government
Venice Commission called upon the government of Georgia to carry out prompt constitutional changes. Chairperson of the Venice Commission Gianni Buquicchio thinks that balance between governmental branches in Georgia shall be promptly restored; the power of the president of Georgia shall be restricted while the parliament shall have its power increased. Simultaneously, the country shall have normal judiciary authority.

Public Defender of Georgia Dislikes Activities of Gori District Administration
Public Defender Giorgi Tughushi got sure that special commissions of economics and infrastructures, set up within the Gori district administration, do not study complaints of citizens in accordance to the administrative code.

Sozar Subari: “Necessary Changes Shall Be Carried out by the Church Itself and Not According to Directives of Liberty Institute
-Mr. Sozar, how do you evaluate the campaign launched on the social network “Facebook” which was assessed as anti-patriarchate and anti-patriarch campaign? How do you think, have they announced the questions which have bothered our society for a long time or it is purposeful propaganda?

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How would you evaluate the work of the new mayor of Tbilisi?
positively negatively I cannot answer


Disbelief based on partiality Reality is different
In recent days, Campaign This Affects You has become more active for the society. A new slogan has appeared on the famous label
Fragile Peace in Balkans
Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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