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Journalistic Investigation – Gombori Road Millions
Vaziani-Gombori-Telavi rehabilitated road was opened up on October 2nd of 2010 by the President of Georgia. 37 million dollars were spent on the rehabilitation, 30 out of which is a loan from the World Bank. The Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Ramaz Nikolaishvili “gave warrant” to President at the opening that the corresponding road would not have problem for 10 years.
Georgia's President says terror attack in Moscow was 'payback'
Mikheil Saakashvili, the President of Georgia, told The Independent yesterday that attacks like Monday's suicide bombing at a Moscow airport were "payback" for Russia's policies in the North Caucasus, as he compared the country to a "crocodile ready to swallow you up".
On January 28 UN to Discuss Human Rights Situation in Georgia
On January 28, the UN Human Rights Council will discuss the human rights situation in Georgia in 2006-2010. The government of Georgia will present its report to the Council after what they will hear recommendations and remarks from the UN member states. Besides the government of Georgia, the civil society and NGO sector presented joint alternative report on the human rights situation in Georgia to the UN Human Rights Council.
Crocodile Tears
Georgian Government Promised 80 000 Hectare Land to Boers
On January 24th the Boers visited Georgia again. The visit will continue on until the January 29th. On February 7 - 21st, two more groups of Boers are to arrive for four days. There are two professors of agriculture among the delegation – Koos de la Rey and Ben Stender.

The Statement of Human Rights Center – President Saakashvili shall Present Thorough Information on the Assistance Provided for Vladimir Putin
Human Rights Center is concerned with the statement of President Mikheil Saakashvili according to which in 2004 he assisted President of Russia Vladimir Putin in solving Chechnya related issue.

Human Rights Watch Describes Human Rights Violations in Georgia
International human rights organization Human Rights Watch issued report of 2010. The big part of it concerns Georgia. It is indicated that numerous human rights violations occurred in Georgia during 2010. Report also touches the process of IDP eviction and notes that the state evicted thousands of IDPs from the temporary residence places, often leaving them homeless and without adequate compensation or accommodated them in the remote regions in inadequate conditions; here is the report covering situation in Georgia. Georgian translation belongs to Human Rights Center.

Georgia: Tbilisi Banking on More Aid from the Millennium Challenge Corporation
The Georgian government is applauding the Millennium Challenge Corporation, one of the most influential US foreign aid agencies, for giving Tbilisi a chance to obtain a second, five-year grant. While assistance levels and development priorities for the new grant have not yet been finalized, Georgian officials are expressing interest in improving the country’s educational and transportation infrastructure.

“What a Monster Government!” – IDPs Packing their Bags
The IDPs living in #185 school in Varketili 4th micro block were evicted on January 24th morning. Human Rights Center visited and studied their problems a day before.

Cleaning Fee Risen the Most for the Last 5 Years
For the last several years not only the prices on the objects of primary consumption and food have risen but the communal fees as well. According to experts, the year of 2007 was the hardest as the prices of almost all the communal fees rose. However, the year of 2010 was no less hard when the water, cleaning and municipal transportation fees rose almost simultaneously.

Mikheil Saakashvili: “Prosecutor Proved By Investigation That Explosion in Tkibuli Mine Resulted From Illegal Activities of Administration”
According to the official website of the Georgian president’s administration, President Saakashvili responded to the tragedy in Mindeli Mine in Tkibuli during his visit in Armenia. He said the accident will be investigated by the international commission. The President requires punishing all those high officials, who are responsible for the security at Tkibuli mine.

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